10 most important nutritional tips that you must follow

By : Paulami Ghosh | : 11 August, 2020
10 most important nutritional tips that you must follow

10 most important nutritional tips that you must follow

 A balanced diet with sufficient nutrition is the best way to remain healthy. So, eat yourself healthier. Give emphasis on vegetables and fruits. They have enough food values to maintain your health and brain. Do not make your tongue your dictator. Make your brain and scientific judgment your guide. Talk to your doctor; he will also suggest you the same thing. The 21st century is guided by Brain and Nature, not by emotion and sentiment.

"Eat yourself healthier!"

 Do you know? You are, what you eat - there is no question about this saying. A balanced diet is important if you want to do something permanent for your health. Try to incorporate these 10 proven nutrition tips into your everyday life, definitely, you will get something good for your body.

 By the way, the following nutrition tips apply to everyone – whether boy or girl, man or woman, pregnant woman or athlete. Apart from point 9, they also apply to children.

 Did you know that the actual digestive process begins before we even eat anything? 

1. Choose a balanced diet

 A little bit of everything - one of the most important nutrition tips is to eat as varied as possible, then you will supply your body with all the important vitamins and minerals. So, don't just buy the same types of fruit and vegetables every day, but try something new.

Tip: In addition to pasta and rice, millet, quinoa or amaranth also taste great as a side dish - be sure to test it.

2. Whole grain rather than white flour

 Whole wheat flour contains considerably more nutrients than highly refined white flour. One of the easiest nutrition tips to implement is, therefore: Swap white flour products for whole grains brown flour as often as possible. Try wholemeal pasta, which taste a little nutty and very good with a tomato sauce or Bolognese. Whole grain bread, brown rice or whole-grain cakes also taste great.

Tip: It is enough if you swap some of the flour for baking whole wheat flour when baking cakes.

3. Eat vegetables & fruits daily

 Vegetables and fruits are the main sources of vitamins and minerals for our bodies. Another plus, they contain hardly any calories. Therefore, stick to the nutrition tips of The Nutritionist, and try to eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits every day.

Tip: Practice the habit of eating either fruits or vegetables at every meal. For example, a few cucumber and tomato slices for breakfast, a large portion of vegetables at lunchtime and fruits for dessert, and salad or raw food for bread in the evening.

4. Have vegetarian days

 Nobody has to become a vegetarian, but if you want to do something for your health, you shouldn't eat meat or sausages every day. Better have a vegetarian day when you leave out meat and fish. Actually, anatomical features of humans particularly the structure of teeth and style of drinking water are similar to herbivorous (vegetarian) animals. So, vegetables are more helpful for us to remain healthy.

Tip: You don't know what to cook without meat or fish? Many vegetable pans, casseroles or pasta dishes can do without, here are recipe ideas: vegetarian recipe ideas

5. Control Sugar & fat bombs

 Cakes, sweets, fast food, chips or ready meals, yes, they taste great without question. But especially if you are looking for diet tips for losing weight, you should restrain yourself from eating these fried things. Do not be a slave of taste or tongue, be scientific in choosing your foods for long and healthy life.

Tip: Think about what you particularly like to eat and then determine how much of it you want to eat per week. For example, 1 piece of cake and 1 bar of chocolate.

6. Cook fresh and low-fat

 Even when cooked, it tastes best, and you know what's in your food. Ready meals often contain additives, few vitamins and minerals and therefore lots of extra calories. Prefer to cook yourself, use fresh ingredients and take care not to use as much fat in the preparation.

Tip: If you have little time, you can pre-cook larger portions and then freeze them, and reuse after heating.

7. Don't follow every nutritional trend

 Vegan diet, low carb or paleo: there are always new trends and nutrition tips that are good for the body or should help you lose weight. Don't be impressed by this, you don't have to follow every trend - especially if you don't like it. Trends are not always helpful.

Tip: Read the trends in peace, be critical and then decide whether you want to try them. But don't force yourself. This also applies to trendy foods such as chia seeds or goji berries.

8. Drink enough water

The body loses a lot of fluid through the skin - and not just when you sweat. Therefore, you should drink enough. Ideally at least 1.5 to 3 liters water depending on in what climate you live and what types of work you do. In summer or during sports, of course, more.

Tip: Always have a bottle of water with you or put a filled glass of water next to you. So, don't forget to drink.

9. Alcohol in moderation

 Nothing against a glass of wine, there must be a question now and then. But if possible, don't drink alcohol every day and don't overdo it. Alcohol is a luxury drink and nothing to quench your thirst or wash down your frustration with.

Tip: Determine how many glasses you want to drink per week at the beginning of the week and stop when you have reached the limit. There are also many great non-alcoholic cocktails that taste great.

10. Eat with pleasure

 Last but not least: Eat with pleasure. Don't let nutrition tips spoil your appetite. If you listen to your body, eat with joy and enjoy every bite, you are most likely doing everything right. It is not bad if you do not implement one of the tips or go overboard.

Tip: Don’t be a slave of your tongue, better be a slave of requirements with little exception.

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