5 Easiest Ways to Come Out of Depression

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 18 September, 2020
5 Easiest Ways to Come Out of Depression

5 Easiest Ways to Come Out of Depression


What is the difference between anxiety and depression?

A little bit of knowledge is necessary for you to distinguish between anxiety and depression. Specialized doctor’s service is of course vital for getting out of either. But you have the right to become your own master and enjoy life the way you like.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, tension, nervousness, or uneasy attitude, typically about a forthcoming event or something with an uncertain outcome. In a sense, it is not as pervasive as depression. Depression is a feeling of severe hopelessness, unhappiness, despair, loneliness, extreme frustration towards people, society, work and life. It is an extremely serious negative mental health condition.

This mental health problem has become all pervading across all societies in all countries after the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown. The more developed a society such as America, Western Europe, Japan, etc., the more is its spread. The more backward a society such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, the less is its spread. The reason is obvious: the more the primitive manual way of living, the less is the problem of mental health, and vice versa.


What are the sources of depression?

There are enough scientific researches on the psychological behavior of people in modern times.

Depression has two primary sources: Internal source and external source.


Internal Sources of Depression:

There are lots of mental health problems which are generated from within the mind of the concerned person. Every particular mindset is a phenomenon which is DNA determined. This DNA may have been derived from thousands of years of mutation and transmission. Nobody knows for sure from which particular past connection it has descended; it is known that it has been derived from the ancient past or recent past. Therefore, in a sense, it was within your body-mind-soul through DNA transmission from the past. It was only waiting to get activated under an ideal environment. For example, if you sow a potato seed in an Arabian desert, it will hardly germinate. But if you sow the same potato seed part/cut in Indian Punjab soil, it will not only germinate but also produce 5 to 9 potatoes from a single plant within 3 months. So external sources become relevant at this point. Sometimes, overambition and failure may become the sole cause.


External Sources of Depression:

External sources are mainly related to the broader society and environment where you live. The best examples are school, college, university, workplace, locality, neighborhood, playground, social relationship, relative’s association, friend circle, local road, overall environment, and the like. There are many people in these spheres who directly or indirectly disturb you. A small disturbance becomes multiplied within yourself. This may cause insomnia, anxiety, and deviates you from the path of peace, happiness, concentration. Gradually a whole chain of anxiety, tension, stress, and depression get set for you because you are innocent, emotional, easy-going, and creative by birth. On the other hand, your neighborhood society is cunning, opportunist, selfish; they have the mind of Duryodhana and Shakuni as in the Mahabharata. Ultimately your brain gets affected by a long period of depression. Most creative people in history have suffered from this problem. Because the potato seed was there within your DNA as a dormant force. And of course, because you are simple and creative, innocent and self-content, mediocre people enjoy by disturbing you which is called Persecution Mania.

Therefore, you have to be bold and beautiful as told by Bertrand Russell

“Where the environment is so cruel, stupid and prejudiced, it is a sign of merit to be out of harmony with it. To be out of harmony with one's surroundings is of course a misfortune, but it is not always a misfortune to be avoided at all costs.”-- Bertrand Russell.


Symptoms of Depression

There are many symptoms of depression that all people can’t identify. You are wise enough to judge yourself by your advanced wisdom.

  • Your concentration power decreases and indecisiveness rules supreme.

  • You easily become irritated even by avoidable issues.

  • You often think about death and contemplate suicide.

  • You start feeling mentally and physically unstable and restless and maniac.

  • You start feeling useless and guilty.

  • Whatever leisure works, hobbies and refreshing activities you enjoyed earlier now don’t attract you anymore.

  • Your changed mindset affects your body mass significantly so that either you gain weight or lose weight.

  • Life becomes uninteresting, dull, boring to you.

  • At this stage, you must have to trust your Guru or parents or wife or daughter or your best friends to share your feelings so that your consciousness becomes activated. And you are sure to become friendly with your dearest ones.


6 Easiest Ways to Get Liberated from this Depression

#1 Practise a good combination Yoga Asanas in every morning from the following

#2 Think and get habituated to a few creative hobbies such as gardening, music, angling, reading, household works, painting, writing, teaching children etc.

#3 Try to spend time with children which is the best medicine for all diseases.

#4 Enjoy traveling to mountain and forest regions with your dearest ones such as parents and family.

#5 Learn cooking for home so that your parents and family members will love you more.

#6 Spend time with those friends and relatives who love you.


All the above are preventive cures as well as positive cures at the beginning.

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