8 facts to know before joining a gym or yoga

By : Priyabhash Roy | : 23 September, 2020
8 facts to know before joining a gym or yoga

8 facts to know before joining a gym or yoga

Are you going to join a Gym or a Yoga Centre? 

 Think and judge before you join a Gym or Yoga Centre during school days. Each has a separate purpose. Yoga deals with internal organs, mind and soul; so, it essentially helps control mind, dream thought process; it augments your concentration power. Gym helps you achieve a muscular body. You can practice Yoga at home after getting basic training from a Yoga Centre. But you need to visit a Gym at some monthly cost. Most importantly, withdrawal effects are dangerous for Gym. So, depending on your time, purpose, money, you have to make a decision.

 Haven’t you ever wondered why some people doing yoga where there is a trend to become muscular these days? Both are very systematic and absolutely good. But still, if somebody confuses you between them, you will get confused.  Well, in this article I will help you to figure this out for you. I’m sure that after reading this article you will be able to make a choice whether you need to hit the gym or to attend your nearest yoga class.  Let’s find out:

Fact #1 Time

Time is the most important factor in everybody’s life. Everyone has to go to a job mostly the 9 to 5 one. After that one gets tired and skips the workout. After this can you hit the gym? Hell yeah. If you have the passion to do the same. I know many of them who are doing this. It will drain your every bit of energy for the day and may make you feel sleepy for the whole day. But what you will do with minimum effort to become healthy and lean as well as mindful? Just join yoga classes. Yoga also helps you to perform better all around the clock. And who knows, you will become the employee of the month of your company.

Fact #2 Budget

 You had to work hard during your college days to earn a handsome amount. But during these days, inflation rates are rising each day. So you need to save money. But hey, have you just ignored your health to save money? No, you are a smart guy. Here also yoga is the best option for you. In the gym, the membership price is high and you may have to maintain a supplement stack in addition. If you join a yoga class near you, they will charge you nearly 500 bucks a month (in India of course) and you are on the way to have great health. If you know yoga, you can continue this anywhere, even during travel. Then you are required to buy only a yoga mat that you can get online and delivered at your doorstep. Or, no matter, you can use a home mattress that is neither soft nor hard. So no money is needed.

Fact #3 complexity

 No one can deny that yoga ‘Asanas’ are a little bit complex. It is not like a gym. Some gym workouts are complex too. Most of those required different kinds of techniques and skills. For example, muscle-ups. You may have seen this is in calisthenics but it is also practiced in gyms. This is a very complex movement but in the end, it is all about in reaching one position to another. Most of the gym workouts are like this. You need to go from one position to another, contract your muscle, and back to starting position. But most of the yoga ‘Asanas’ are all about holding yourself in a position for a while. It will require strength, flexibility, and concentration. Yoga is a combination of a set of different exercises and stretching positions in a very systematic way. But unlike, gym, Yoga deals with internal organs of the body, while gym works on the muscles. So the two are at best complementary, not substitutes.

Fact#4 Stress

 Anyone cannot ignore the stress of today’s world. From rising pollution to stagnant salary to getting laid off to marriage and love, everything is an alarming threat. The result is stress. To remove stress, the gym is highly recommendable. When you lift, cortisol (known as the stress hormone, released by adrenal glands) level drops which basically helps you fight stress. But yoga is similarly efficient against stress. Yoga ‘Asanas’ also helps to drop the cortisol level. So, here both are equally effective against stress.

Fact#5 Trainer

 Yoga of course needs a trainer for initial days. But after learning for some years, you can continue without any guidance of any trainer. In today’s world, you can learn yoga online or just buy a book for an explanation. But the same is not true for the gym. You need a really good trainer in order to achieve a great physique. What is more, there are various instruments in a gym, while Yoga does not require these material tools. And of course the certified trainer. And to an extent, you need a good dietitian also.

Fact#6 Age and health conditions

 The gym is not recommendable to all ages. If you are in your 40s, do not join a gym unless you have done this on a regular basis. Do not think that many Hollywood and Bollywood actors go to the gym even in their 60s and 70s. Instead of the gym, you can attend a yoga class at any phase of life. It has nothing to do with your age. Another thing is the health conditions. In today’s world, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problems are the story of every household. The gym is also not recommendable for those who have these health conditions. But yoga can help you reduce the current level of blood sugar or blood pressure. So, Yoga is highly recommendable here.

Fact#7 withdrawal effects

 Let’s face the most practical point of fitness, at some point in your life you will leave workout for a certain unknown reason. It may be health, job transfer, or anything. I know you will resume after some time. In case this resume time gets prolonged you will face some adverse effects. In case you leave the gym, you will start losing your muscle mass and gain fat mass. Your body will lose its tone. When you resume your body may sore and pain. But in the case of Yoga, the withdrawal effects are not dangerous, you can resume after some time.

Fact#8 your goal

 See, the most important thing is your goal. So, just calm yourself, close your eyes and think. How do you want to see yourself after a few years? If you think you want to lose weight and gain a lot of flexibility, then you can go for yoga. Again, I remind you both are extremely effective and good for your body. Your elders may say that you should avoid weight to have good health. That’s not true. Dumbbells, barbells and other weights in the gym are nothing but an extra resistance for any exercise. Everything you see in a gym is very scientific in nature and a result of rigorous research works. Some people also think that going to a gym means lifting weights. That is also not true. You can continue with bodyweight workouts for your entire life. But Yoga is a very good option: get fit and mindful in all means. If you imagine yourself as a muscular dude, then the gym is your place.

 Whatever you choose from the above, it is necessary to understand the importance of nutrition. Nutrition is the key to being in a shape as well as mindful. Without a balanced diet and proper rest, no result can be achieved.

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