9 Ways to Stay Happy during Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 22 August, 2020
9 Ways to Stay Happy during Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

9 Ways to Stay Happy during Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

The world has never seen such dreadful lockdown for a large percentage of about 7.8 billion people spreading across all continents. People in Asia, America, Europe, Australia are locked down at home for 5 months.

The majority are spending nights and days in utter horror; both poor and rich are feeling content to have only two ordinary meals now; outdoor entertainment is an altogether luxury now. Most forms of outside works have stopped all of a sudden: agricultural, industrial and service sectors. The world has never seen such panic beyond the textbook.

Like all previous Pandemics, Coronavirus Pandemic is also a temporary disorder. Be hopeful and optimistic. You have to be patient and tolerant until everything becomes normal. After serious research, we are presenting here 9 ways for your family and friends to remain happy during Covid-19 location.

Physical Exercise:

As Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown has confined you into your house, normal calorie consumption has decreased. This may increase your weight unnecessarily. So, you and your family members should do some stretching every morning, or evening. This will certainly reduce your boredom so that all family members will be happy.

Yoga & Meditation:

The best way to remain physically and mentally happy under Coronavirus Pandemic is to practice some relevant Yoga and Meditation for 25 minutes every day depending upon your requirements. This will help boost your immunity, concentration power and self-contentment. It will also remain immune to Coronavirus Pandemic.


Remain Connected with People:

Under the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, people are cut off from everyday life and remain in isolation. That is really a bothering problem for us all. This is the best time for you and your children to utilize Social Media through your mobile or laptop to remain connected with your friends, relatives and students. You will feel as if there is no lockdown.

Positive Attitude & Happiness:

Another important factor is a positive attitude. Under Coronavirus Pandemic, most people suffer from depressive moods. So, you have to inculcate a positive attitude so that you can remain happy. Happiness and positive attitude drive away viruses in a natural way.

Remain Busy with Gardening & Nature:

As you are under the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, you have more supply of time. Another fruitful way to utilize your leisure is to devote some time to gardening and nature. It will refresh your body mind soul. It will also boost energy. Higher energy means higher immunity. Utilize Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown to teach your children how to deal with unknown problems of life. You will win, no doubt.

Balance Social Media Time:

In this Internet age under Coronavirus Pandemic, Social Media uses the highest time of younger people. It satisfies people’s ego to express their views. But it is not personally productive. For creative people, it is largely a wastage of time. So, it is better to make a balance in allocating your time.

Readout Delightful Books:

Reading delightful books in Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown is one of the sources of happiness. You should spend some time on such books which gives you both fun and satisfaction. It is the best time for us to do what we failed to do before Coronavirus Pandemic.

Be Liberal & Flexible:

In an exceptional situation, most people become restless and rigid. You are rational enough to be liberal and flexible. It means under Coronavirus Pandemic, our mind should be broad and our attitude towards other people should be more accommodating. It will serve us to remain happier.

Listen to Music & Play with Children:

Music is the easiest way to remain happy, and assimilate our body mind soul. It also helps us to concentrate on specific work. You have to utilize this Coronavirus Pandemic void into more productive inhouse work through the wave of music.

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