Bhadrasana (The Gracious Pose)

By : Emma Laurence | : 03 October, 2020
Bhadrasana (The Gracious Pose)

Bhadrasana (The Gracious Pose)


Etymology and Origins of Bhadrasana

Bhadrasana is a Sanskrit word. Bhadra means Gracious, or Blessed, or Courteous, or Gentle, Kind. Asana means Yoga pose. Hence, Gracious pose is the English name. It is actually a sitting meditative pose. It can be easily practiced for quite some time. It belongs to the ancient Indian Yoga tradition. This Yoga is special for girls and women for normal child delivery. This Yoga is also termed as a destroyer of diseases. It is also known by other names such as Gorakshasana and Moola Bandhasana with some variations.


Step by Step Instructions of Bhadrasana

  • Sit down on a Yoga mat as you like, either cross-legged or in Lotus pose.

  • Unlearn the world and the surroundings, concentrate your mind.

  • Unlock the legs, close up the heels, place the heels just beneath the scrotum or genital, touching it.

  • Initially, you may feel strain in bringing the heels in front but that is not fatal.

  • Keep your spine erect and straight, hold the knees with respective hands, or clutch the toes with the hands.

  • Your thighs and waist lie on the same straight line, touching the ground.

  • Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply, without any noise.

  • Continue in this position for 3 to 5 minutes.


Benefits of Bhadrasana


Anatomical Focus & Disease Control

  • This Yoga helps you destroy various diseases.

  • This Yoga ignites your appetite.

  • It expands and strengthens the muscles and nerves of the knees and of the Pelvic region.

  • It makes your legs, thighs, ankles and feet flexible.

  • It improves your digestive power.

  • It reinforces your Spine, thighs, hips and buttocks.

  • This Yoga also develops your brainpower, hard disk (memory), concentration and consciousness level.

  • It removes your fatigue and boredom.

  • It stimulates the Mooladhara (root) chakra which eventually helps in arousing the Kundalini Chakra.

  • The regular practice of Bhadrasana makes your mind calm and quiet.

  • Most importantly, this Asana activates the reproductive organs.

  • It also stretches your spine such that your height increases.

  • The Yoga is good for the Kidney, bladder and prostate.

  • Boys will be able to reduce the diversion of energy during student life.


Benefits for Girls & Women

  • Girls and women will get far-reaching benefits from this Yoga.

  • It helps women with normal childbirth and delivery.

  • Abdominal pains and uneasiness of the Menstrual Cycle will be cured by this Yoga.

  • This sitting Yoga Asana is highly beneficial for women during pregnancy.

  • Girls and women will get a boost in their reproductive organs.

  • Schoolgirls will be able to control their energy wastage during the adolescence period.

  • Your physical and mental fitness as well as the flexibility of the lower parts will be increased.



  • Initially, you may find it difficult to bring your heels close to the genital, but if you try slowly, you can do it in a week.

  • Pregnant Women should not forcibly do it. They should consult an expert Yoga teacher.

  • Girls and women have to be careful to do it during their Menstrual Cycle.

  • Those who are suffering from Sciatica and Arthritis should not do it.


Image Source: Yogic Therapy -- Srimat Swami Shivananda Saraswati

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