Coronavirus Pandemic, Human Misconduct & Mother Nature

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 21 August, 2020
Coronavirus Pandemic, Human Misconduct & Mother Nature

Coronavirus Pandemic, Human Misconduct & Mother Nature

Sudden Impact of Covid-19

Recorded history has never seen such dreadful helplessness, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, of only one species on Mother Earth, the human beings, out of an estimated total of 8.7 million species. A large percentage of about 7.8 billion people spreading across all continents are locked down at home for more than 5 months. The majority are spending nights and days in utter horror; both poor and rich are feeling content to have only two ordinary meals now; outdoor entertainment is an altogether luxury now. All forms of human works have stopped all of a sudden: agricultural, industrial and service sectors. The world has never seen such equality beyond the textbook.

What’s Special about Coronavirus Pandemic?

The current horror is not caused by an alien attack as in Hollywood films. It is neither multiple terror attacks by the disciples of Bin Laden. This dreadful shock is not from nuclear or missile attack by NATO or the Communist regime or the Islamic terrorists. There is no civil war in any country now, at least not reported; in fact, most civil wars such as those in the Middle East and Africa are in a recession now. The source of fear for unfortunate humans is from virus particles called Coronavirus Pandemic, which cannot be seen by ordinary Microscope. Viruses such as Corona can be visualized only by the highest resolution electron microscope. Human arrogance is shattered by such a microscopic virus: the egoism of reaching the Moon or Mars, the superiority of developing weapons of mass destruction, the pride of possession of wealth in a private or public capacity, the haughtiness of power by political means, the arrogance of being celebrity either by birth or by practice. Coronavirus Pandemic has also proved that organized religion is absolutely unnecessary and redundant: there is no special favor by Corona. Poor despicable Coronavirus Pandemic has enormously increased ‘domestic violence’ under complete lockdown. But above anything else, Corona has enormously helped regenerate Mother Nature in just 5 months.

Covid-19 & Multilateral Agencies

Current research shows that Coronavirus Pandemic is extremely infectious, but is having only a fraction of the brutality of most previous Pandemic diseases. It is reported everywhere that people with high immunity can defeat Coronavirus Pandemic. So, why WHO and other multilateral organizations should not explore further to redefine the issues relating to health and hygiene, immunity, and material well-being? The inquiry must be made to search why they fail to give caution in advance with so much financial liability? Is the claim of rising life expectancy at birth (LEB) as a symptom of human progress by economists an illusion?

The world is a single family

 Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (Rigveda and Maha Upanishad): The world is a single-family. The evolutionary theory of Darwin shows that we all descended from the same family, the ape whom we hate as animals. Never before in recorded history, living people have been feeling the same danger and the same needs- only basic foods. No rich, no poor, all are equal now. The rich are now feeling poor, while the poor rich. Because, there is no space for pride in possessing luxury goods, multiple houses in multiple countries, cars, assets, gold, bank balance, slaves, servants and power. Rich or poor, educated or qualified, rural or urban, ruler or ruled, criminal or innocent, communist or democrat, celebrity or common man- all are confined to home for mere physical survival. Coronavirus Pandemic has achieved the greatest virtual equality of the human race since the days of Homo Sapiens; the idea of nationality has become meaningless at least for a few months. Those who have left the world just before Covid-19 Pandemic could not unfortunately know this exceptional period in the history of humankind.

Impact on Nature

 As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, people are reporting from both rural and urban areas in all countries that they have never seen such faster regeneration of Nature. Leaves of trees and plants appear greener as never before even in urban areas; many rare birds and butterflies are visible everywhere- in city and village, swarms of bees have multiplied; the hornets are playing around the gardener; flowers are blossoming in higher numbers and more lustrous colors; fishes have multiplied in rivers, lakes and ponds; river water has become sea green, herbivorous animals have not only multiplied but also advancing to human settlements; the sky appears as blue as in the days of The Buddha and the Christ. The central reason is that the pollution level has come down to the lowest level ever since the Industrial Revolution. Nobody in the last thousand years could ever imagine that Mount Everest (Nepal) is visible in bare eyes from a distance of about 250 km. This appears more fictional than science fiction but doubtless true. The sky is smiling, the moon is glowing, the Sunlight is reaching unhindered, raindrops are free from acid. Mother Nature has regenerated in only 150 Earthly days, which was unthinkable in the post-Industrial Revolution world.

Economic Impact

 Coronavirus Pandemic has damaged the economies of most countries. This economic depression is comparable to the Great Depression of 1929. But this Virus has taught many lessons. Humans must come out of wild food habits. Special care must be needed to maintain Almighty Nature on which we all depend for our survival. We should teach the children and younger generations that the world has very limited finite resources. So, wasting resources for arms & ammunitions and luxurious life will doubtless hasten the end of our civilization. We must be responsible for our children.


 The observation by Astronaut Jim Lovell is highly relevant under Coronavirus Pandemic: “When I circled the moon and looked back at Earth, my outlook on life and my viewpoint of Earth changed. You don’t see Las Vegas, Boston, or even New York. You don’t see boundaries or people. When seen in total, Earth is a spaceship, just like Apollo. We are the crew of Spaceship Earth; and just like Apollo, the crew must learn to live and work together. We must learn to manage the resources of this world with a new imagination. The future is up to you.”

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