Do You Want to Control Your Mind? - Learn the Techniques

By : Orson Tumbler | : 06 October, 2020
Do You Want to Control Your Mind? - Learn the Techniques

Do you want to control your mind? - Learn the Techniques 


Relationship between Intelligence and Mind Control

The extremely intelligent people of the world of all ages have the power to control their minds by birth. The normal people do not have this power by birth but many of them really want to know the techniques to control their minds. Mediocre people do not understand the meaning and purpose of mind control. Our editorial team has recently made a Sample Survey through mobile phones among a sample size of 7290 people which include student, teacher, scientist, technocrat, engineer, doctor, software expert, businessman, artist, asking them only a couple of binary questions. It is found that there is not much statistical association between the desire to control the mind and economic levels of the participants. This is true over time and space. Mental health is as important as physical health, and in many situations, it is far more important.



Why do you need to learn the techniques mind control?

First, nothing affects us individually more than our own minds. For, our mind is the ultimate individual (discrete) mirror which judges whatever we come across in life- family or social interaction and other experiences. For example, even in a single middle-class family with many members, when a new almirah is bought, every member of the family intuitively starts thinking about his/her claim on some racks of the almirah without any discussion with the head of the household or other members. This is a classic example of our egocentricity even within a family. It is the root cause of eventual strife or conflict of interest in a family.

Imagine what happens among a small group of boyfriends when a new girl classmate joins the group. There are many societies in the developing world where if a neighbor’s son becomes topper in a national examination, some of the neighbors become jealous of the successful family. In the Mahabharata epic, the villain Duryodhana wanted to have physical relations with his cousin brother’s wife just because she was the most beautiful woman on earth at that time. These are unnecessary evils that originate from one’s own mind without any real reason. It is a defect, fault. In psychology, these are called “evils of the human mind”. You need to know and conquer these evils in order to control your mind which will help you employ your dedicated mind to your profession.


What are these Evils?

There are five physiological senses in human bodily feeling, which helps enjoy the beauties of worldly life in this birth. These senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. These senses or feelings are perceived or felt by the human organs- eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. These sense organs are also the sources of all vices – whether sexual or non-sexual. The organs associated with each of these senses send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us and then respond according to our sensors.

In terms of psychological feelings or reactions or responses, there are five human expressions of senses: sexual desire (lust), anger, greed, infatuation (obsession) and hatred. These are also termed as “five evils”. These are all dangerous vices by any standard if they cross a tolerable limit. If you visit any good website, you will find the following (the bracketed words are in Sanskrit):

Lust (Kaam), anger (Krodh) and greed (Lobh) are the worst of the evils. These will do no good to us in the end. They disturb the balance of our mind and soul. Lord Krishna has succinctly articulated to Arjuna in The Mahabharata epic that lust, anger and greed are the three doors leading directly to Hell. Unreasonable craving for sex will destroy the purity of mind, greed will never let you remain satisfied, and anger will drive you away from your own soul. What can not be done by prayer? The scientific cause is very simple:

Marginal utility from these pleasures are increasingly diminishing but never reaches zero, so they go on driving you away from normal life and work, as the less and less you get, the more and more you crave.

Hence, we should be extremely alert to avoid these three doors leading to our own collapse. So, stay far away from these five evils at a safe distance. Enjoy so long as these are under normal limits. We shall clarify these later in greater detail.



Why do You Need to practice Yoga?

Yoga and Meditation is the best scientific way to maintain an ideal balance between body- mind- soul and transcendental wisdom. Essentially, there is nothing like ‘religious prejudice.’ If practiced regularly for a minimum duration of 15 to 30 minutes over a long period of time, we are 100% sure, your physical constitution will be improved significantly and will be integrated with your mind. Your immunity system will be strengthened to withstand many conventional diseases, enhance your tolerance power, and increase your concentration and brainpower. Death is inevitable for everything in this Universe- living and non-living, but you can enormously defer your aging, increase your resistance power and strengthen your physical and mental efficiency. This will surely help you consolidate your ‘will power’ without requiring any man-made instrument and medicine.

The moment you achieve the power to control your mind, all reasons for unhappiness becomes simply trivial to you. You will get the key to the door of happiness so that you become the Master of your own Self. When you become the master of your own self, you can chart out your own destiny. Nobody can beat you in your endeavor whether you are a student, teacher, scientist, technocrat, engineer, doctor, software expert, businessman, artist or manager. So, you have to remain unperturbed and acquire the key to happiness to sign in life and satisfy your family.

Relationship between Pure Nature and Mind

relationship between nature and mind

Our spontaneous mind is like Almighty Nature- the mountains, rivers, forest, glaciers, lakes, and flowing springs. When you will become the Master of your Mind, you will feel that your mind is like a beautiful mountainous flowing spring or river through the forests in a natural setting without any expectation, or a glacial ambiance gorgeous like the sky, or a high altitude serene lake careless about the visitors. The spring or river is flowing on its own motion without expecting anything from anybody, beauty for beauty’s sake, just so. The stones that come under this flowing water body do not get moss. Eventually, your mind will be like this natural flowing spring, pure, unpolluted, ageless.


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