Effective nutrition guide an overview of 50 healthiest foods

By : Paulami Ghosh | : 23 November, 2020
Effective nutrition guide an overview of 50 healthiest foods

Effective Nutrition guide: an overview of 50 healthiest foods

We eat foods without knowing much about the nutritional values of the food items. For perfect nourishment and growth of body mind soul, nutrition is vital. There are many food items in our surroundings that have high nutrition values but not costly. Nutrition Guide is essential for your well-being.

From the nutrition guide of Omegist, we are presenting here the 50 healthiest foods. This will help you keep your fitness, beauty, heart-healthy, and also strengthen your immune system. Here we will go through the process, and you also learn how frequently you have to consume these foods and get suggestions on how to incorporate them into your menu.

Let’s start our steps.

The 50 healthiest foods:


  • Healthy foods: with heart protection

  • Beauty food: these foods improve your beautiful

  • Slim food: these foods help maintain a slim body

  • Fit Food: these foods keep you away from doctors

  • Immunity Foods: these foods will enhance your immune system


Everybody needs to practice good eating habits. Yet, how does that work? The most widely recognized spot of perplexity is the grocery store. Because that is the place where the choice is made about what we should take up on our plates.

Also, this is actually where our guide comes in. We have checked nutrient tables and hit records for you, talked to the specialists, and looked through scientific publications.

 The outcome: We present 50 solid foods, separated into these categories:

Beauty food, slim food, fit food, and immune food, and provide you with the reasons that speak for the respective food.

By the way, in the event that you have the exceptional desire - for instance, a half long-distance race before your chest or huge muscles as your objective - at that point you should change your eating routine to some degree. The correct wellness diet relies completely upon the game you practice.

Endurance athletes should focus on a satisfactory consumption, with the goal that enough glycogen is necessary for vitality supply during exercise. In the event that the sessions last longer than 90 minutes, Carbohydrates ought to be added to the body during training.

For quality Athletes, their attention should be on protein. Because carbohydrates and fats essentially give the energy to muscle work, proteins are significant for building muscles, triceps.

How to say that food is healthy?


If you need to maintain a solid eating routine, you should cover your day by day vitality and healthful needs adequately. To sustain fitness and productivity, you also have to prevent malnutrition.

The blend of a high substance of vitamins, phytochemicals, fiber, complex carbohydrates, or important unsaturated fats is crucial for this, additionally also essential for nourishment to be added to our healthy food list.

To control a healthy way of life in regular daily existence, here the food pyramid we have provided for a nutritional guide. It partitions the eight nutritional classes into divided blocks and explains which food and in what amount you ought to eat every day. These eight nutrition classes include:



Saturated carbohydrates (bread and cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes)

Animal products for muscles and bones

Good fats and oils such as olive or rapeseed oil

Milk and milk products

Sweets, pastries, nibbles


The drinks form the base. In the second and third spots are plant-based foods, for example, vegetables and fruits just as cereals, which are to be consumed frequently and in abundance.

  • Animal foods - milk, dairy items as well as fish, meat and eggs - rank fourth. They should be taken without much spices and oils. Frugality is the order of the day for oils and fats at level five.
  • Candy, snacks and alcohol can be found in the highest point of the pyramid. You will be endured if the foods from the base and center field are adequately taken to the menu. The top of pyramid foods must be taken in tiny quantities.

The 50 most beneficial foods are here:

For the five most significant classifications, heart protection, beauty food, slim food, fit food and immune food, we have simply recorded all top foods once more. Data about how frequently you should eat this nourishment and a recommendation on how you can include it into your menu are also mentioned.

Try to get our top 50 healthy foods on your menu more regularly - regardless of whether you eat or cook yourself. It is additionally essential to focus on parity.

  • preferably fruits and vegetables 5 times a day

  • 2 to 3 liters of liquid daily (preferably mineral water or tea)

  • daily complex carbohydrates from cereals or potatoes

  • daily low-fat milk products

  • daily high-quality vegetable oils

  • Fish rich in fat twice a week (fresh, frozen or canned)

  • Meat twice a week, if possible, from appropriate breeding

  • Rarely, alcohol, sausages, sugar and hidden fats from processed products should appear on your menu.

Healthy foods with heart protection

Food from this category contains a particularly large number of unsaturated fatty acids and/or folic acid, which can lower cholesterol levels or keep the blood vessels supple to their special combination of nutrients. These include the following foods:


Top salary at

How often to eat



Folic acid, hesperidin

2-3 fruits a week

as a snack or freshly squeezed juice


vein-protecting allicin

at will

with pasta with olive oil and lots of parsley


Alpha-linoleic acid, Vitamin E

1x a week

as a salad with apples and rapeseed oil


Beta-glucans, zinc

3-4 tablespoons daily

in muesli or as warm oat soup


Alpha-linolenic acid, lignans

1 tbsp daily

in muesli, in yogurt, sprinkled over salad


Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D.

1x a week

Herring in tomato sauce on bread


Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine

1x a week

fried with olive oil and lemon

Olive oil

Oleic acid, phytosterols

1-2 tablespoons daily

for steaming, roasting, for salad

Rapeseed oil

Alpha-linolenic acid, vitamin E.

1-2 tablespoons daily

for steaming, roasting, for salad

Red grape juice

antioxidant resveratrol

several times a week

as a refreshing morning drink


Beauty food: these foods make you beautiful

 Beta carotene and other dyes protect the skin from external influences and improve cell renewal. Vitamin C tightens the connective tissue and vitamin E keeps the skin elastic.


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How often to eat



cell-protecting beta carotene

often in season

chilled and pure, in a salad, in muesli


Vitamin C, carotenoids

often in season

in a salad, with a dip, steamed or fried


Vitamin E, B 6, biotin

Once a week

as guacamole or spread

Tomato (can)

antioxidant lymphokine

Once a week

Pasta with tomato sauce

Wild berries (TK)

cell-protecting anthocyanins

several times a week

in muesli, with yogurt or ice cream, as a drink

Apricot (dried)

Beta carotene, vitamin E.

3-4 pieces daily

as a snack. Important: drink water with it


Slim food: healthy for the slimline

Here you will find foods that, despite their low-calorie content, are rich in vitamins and minerals or satiating fiber. This makes them ideal for anyone who cares about their line but still wants to eat healthily.


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How often to eat



Beta carotene, vitamin C.

often in season

as a snack, with lemon juice in a fruit salad


bitter substances

often in season

as a salad with yogurt-honey sauce


Calcium, protein

2-3 times a week

as a shake with mango

Turkey breast

Vitamins B

2-3 times a week

with avocado cream on whole grain bread



1–2 slices daily

with low-fat herb cream cheese

Pickled cabbage

Dietary fiber, mustard oils

often in season

steamed with apples as soup

Wild rice with vegetables

complex carbohydrates

1-2 times a week

sprinkled with chopped parsley



at will

as an armor - sometimes for sweets

Mineral water

different minerals

1.5 to 3 liters daily

still, water is more digestible


Fit Food: these foods keep you away from doctors

Complex carbohydrates provide long-lasting satiety and a beneficial insulin effect, B vitamins and magnesium support muscle function and provide cell protection substances that athletes need especially abundantly. These are the characteristics of our Fit Food category.


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How often to eat



Pectin, polyphenols

1-2 fruits daily

grated raw with cinnamon and lemon


Vitamin C, pectin

several times a week

Rosehip puree in muesli, dressing, shake


antioxidant anthocyanins

often in season

as a shake with milk and almonds


Vitamin B 1, inulin

often in season

cooked with yogurt and garlic dip

Jacket Potato

complex carbohydrates

2-3 times a week

with curd cheese, linseed oil and chives


Calcium, vitamin D.

2-3 times a week

on bread

Wholemeal bread

Dietary fiber, B vitamins

2 slices daily

cut thickly, spread thinly

Nut cereal

complex carbohydrates

3-4 times a week

refined with seasonal fruits


Magnesium, vitamin B 6

2x a week

as a side dish with fish, tofu or meat

Kidney beans

Dietary fiber, protein

1x a week

as a salad with tomatoes and tuna


Polyphenols, essential oils

at will

in goulash, with desserts, on milk foam

Pumpkin seeds

Magnesium, iron

1 tsp daily

as a snack, on salads

Vegetable juice

Carotenoids, flavonoids

several times a week

as a healthy aperitif before eating


Immunity Foods: these foods will enhance your immune system

This category is characterized by a high content of cell-protecting polyphenols, flavonoids and other secondary plant substances. Those who consume a lot of it reduce their risk of cancer and infection and supply all cells with the optimal nutrients.


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How often to eat



vitamin C

3-4 times a week

as a snack, chutney, jam



2-3 times a week

in Asian vegetable pans, in a salad


Chlorophyll, carotenoids

several times a week

as a spice, pesto or tabbouleh

Probiotic yogurt

probiotic bacteria

important: daily

with rosehip sauce and linseed


Phytoestrogens, protein

1x a week

instead of meat or fish, in the soup


Zinc, iron, vitamin B 12

2x a week

fried in strips in a wok, with sesame

Spinach (frozen)

Carotenoids, folic acid

2x a week

with tomatoes and olive oil to make pasta



at will

in curries and Asian food


mustard oils

1x a week

with smoked salmon, on bread

Dark chocolate

antioxidant flavonoids

1 bar per day

pure and with closed eyes!

Green tea


1-2 cups daily

1 teaspoon per cup, let steep for 2 minutes

Cranberry juice


several times a week

for prophylaxis 2 glasses a day

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