Foods that are best for your Heart and Liver and Health

By : Paulami Ghosh | : 24 September, 2020
Foods that are best for your Heart and Liver and Health

Foods that are best for your Heart and Liver and Health


What is Omega-3 Fatty Acid?

As prescribed by modern Medical Science, Omega-3s fatty acid is the best element for the Heart. So, you have to eat those foods that contain Omega-3s. These foods are Sea Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Herring, Trout and other sea fishes).

Omega-3 is also contained in Walnut in sufficient proportion. It appears apparently costly. True. But you need to eat only 4 to 5 nuts per day. So, it is actually much cheaper.

Flaxseeds and Chia seeds also contain a good amount of Omega-3, fibers, Phytoestrogens that are medicine for good Heart. These are foods, not medicines, but they keep you away from medicines and maintains good heart and health.


What is Dietary Fibre?

Some foods have huge dietary fibers that are best for your Heart and waste removal from the body. These are Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries. You can eat only a few pieces of some of these berries. If you can’t get these berries in your region, eat an apple or a guava daily; these are cheap and healthy.


You must eat Sour Card and Yogurt

Also, sour Card and Yogurt are also very good for your Liver and Heart. Eat either every morning after coming out from the washroom before taking morning tea. Eating a sour Card every morning will keep your Liver young forever.


Heart Friendly Vegetables and Foods with Rich Fibre

Oats, Card and Green Salads also best for Heart. Bins and Lentils are also good. Also, you can take Edamame beans and marinated Tofu. There are some vegetables with red, yellow and orange colors such as Carrots, Sweet Potato, Red Peppers, Tomatoes that contain huge carotenoids, fibers and vitamins. These are very good foods for your Heart. Spinach, Broccoli and Asparagus strengthen your Heart as they have Vitamins C and E, potassium, folate, calcium and fibers. In addition, you can eat all types of fresh green vegetables that are available in your region without any extra cost for strengthening your Liver.


Fruits for Strong Heart

There are many fruits that keep you going on beyond 65 years as in your youth. Oranges, Cantaloupes and Papaya are Heart promoting as they have beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium and fibers. Keep in mind that plants and trees produce fruits for animals, not for themselves. We ungrateful humans never give value to Almighty Nature for her benevolence.

There are many common fruits across the world each of which is highly beneficial for our health- heart, lungs, liver, brain, blood, muscles and nerves. These common fruits are: lemon, mango, coconut, green coconut, cucumber, plum, watermelon, melon, grape, olive, pear, jack-fruit, lichi, palm, pomegranate, cashew nut, myrobalan, guava, shaddock, papaya, sweet sap, rose-berry, date, tamarind, pineapple, apricot, pistachio, wood apple, sweet lime, etc.


If you eat 2 lemons every day, your age will remain constant.

Cocoa is a very good medicine for the Heart. So, dark chocolate without any extra sugar is good for the Heart.

Finally, the best task for you is to avoid spicy and oily foods. We have seen that in most developing countries, very rich foods are served in all ceremonies, occasions and in everyday life. Please avoid these, keep your Heart stronger and live longer with the purpose of life.


Wine and Alcohol

A glass of Red Wine is also good medicine for the Heart. Small doses of alcohol also keep your heart strong by smooth blood circulation.


Non-Veg Items

The food habits of people are changing fast. 30 years ago, everybody in the USA used to eat red meats. Nor richer people in developed and conscious societies have become accustomed to fruits and vegetable items. Keep in mind that there are many varieties of sweet water fishes in many countries. These sweet water fishes are very rich nutrient and vitamin suppliers to health. So, you can safely replace meat diets by these fishes. Some such highly nutritious and tasty fishes are trout, flatfish, shrimp (prawn), lobster, eel, cod, butterfish, hilsa, small fry, mackerel, carp, sheatfish, climbing fish etc. The last few fishes improve your blood composition.

Of course, milk is the best-balanced food for everybody.


What distinguishes the animal kingdom between Veg and Non-Veg classes?

You have the right to observe seriously the anatomical differences between the herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Look into the nature in your surroundings. All carnivorous animals have gaps in their teeth; they drink water through their tongue. Examples are tiger, lion, dog, cat, jackal, etc. On the other hand, all herbivorous animals have no gap between the teeth; also, they drink water directly by sucking. Examples are human, cow, ox, goat, deer, rhino, elephant, horse, etc. So, we humans as made by Almighty Nature are essentially herbivorous. Recent medical research has proved that those of us who are vegetarian or herbivorous, live longer and suffer much less from various diseases.


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