Gardening a Perfect Environmental Hobby

By : Anwesha Bose | : 19 August, 2020
Gardening a Perfect Environmental Hobby

Gardening a perfect environmental hobby

 From time immemorial, humans practice Gardening as an Environmental Hobby. It is the best impersonal hobby that only gives, takes nothing. Plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, bees, birds, oxygen- what not? It also reduces the risk of stroke, burns calories, decreases stress, lowers the chance of osteoporosis, heightens health and mind, improves relationship and compassion with Mother Nature, lowers the risk of dementia and best of all, strengthens our immune system. It is independent of social disturbance. It is cheap and almost free, unlike other hobbies. So, choose Gardening and improve the Environment.

People who tend to gardens

 Someone whose job or hobby is growing flowers in a garden is called a gardener. Any person involved in gardening is known as a gardener, it is one of the oldest occupations. Someone who will design the garden is known as a garden designer. A garden is normally involved with both natural and man-made materials. The activity of growing and maintaining the garden is basically gardening. Many people put excuses by saying that they do not have space for gardening. This is altogether a negative argument. If you have good intentions, you can develop your garden without any free land at your home. That is, you can do gardening in non-garden settings, such as your veranda, or balcony, rooftop, outside wall, or a park, or roadside embankment or other public places. The purest impersonal form of an act of love is gardening. It is a love that we perform to our Mother Earth which creates Oxygen- the fuel of animal kingdom. If you are doing gardening, you are the best volunteer in the world. Apart from creating Oxygen, you are helping bees to generate Honey. Politicians and promoters destroy trees and sources of oxygen but they are not penalized, rather they paid. Moreover, it also teaches us, to love life in different forms it takes. People possess lots of great virtues who are gardeners at heart. They have creativity, wisdom, kindness, vision and patience. Without plants we can’t live, we can’t breathe or eat if there are no plants on our planet. They are the source of life for us and the generations to come.

 Here there are some reasons that light up to the fact that gardeners are good lovers and if we are dating them then we’re doing absolutely Heavenly work for Mother Nature.

1. Gardeners possess the ability to make deep connections:

 Instead of their financial and social positions, a deep relationship focuses on affection for what people are at the core of their heart.

 People who love gardening are pretty more likely to have deep connections with their companions than those who are not. This is because gardeners have a deep connection with nature, plants, earth, pure work and the garden itself, that extends to human relationships altogether.

2. Gardeners are patient:

 People who love gardening are individuals with a great deal of patience. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to get hands dirty in the garden, they spend hours for caring the plants, and it takes a long duration time for the flowers to appear. For a good lover, patience is an important virtue. In relationship also, we have to exhibit a great deal of patience for waiting for him/ her to reciprocate back to undergo different phases of the relationship.

3. Gardeners love to be out in the open air:

 Indoor gardening is an equitably valid notion when we mention to ‘gardening’ or ‘horticulture’, we basically mean to say ‘outdoor gardening’.  The people who love to be out in the open air are generally regular practitioners of horticulture.

 If we are outdoor lovers, we will also prefer ones who love to spend time with the beauty of nature and who have a soft corner for gardening. We also have endless possibilities of activities if we go out with them.

4. These people take good care to the living creatures:

 They not only just love plants, basically their love extends to all the living creatures. They are caring for people by nature and in their company, we are pretty less likely to feel neglected.

 These people have a natural tendency to take care of their lovers, with them, we’ll have a steady and joyful relationship. With our joys and through our sorrows, they will be there with us.

5. Gardeners are well pleased in their lives:

Those People who love gardening are satisfied with their lives and they are less likely to be unhappiness and disappointment. Gardening is a great hobby that helps one to feel their life to be valuable. Gardeners are optimistic people after all.

 Cheerful people are able to fill other’s lives with happiness. We will able to raise our spirits and feel valuable by them. Those people who are always complaining, we wouldn’t surely want to be with them.

6. Gardeners are highly active people:

Gardeners ooze with energy and spirit who have a passion for gardening. It not just when it’s a holiday, they are always willing to struggle in the field. They’re always doing one thing or another when they are in the garden. They also do other activities as well.

 They are really active and energetic people who are constantly looking to do something. They never dry up ideas and eagerness to have a good time with us.

7. Gardeners usually have good mental and physical health:

 Gardening is exciting and revitalizing. Physically they are active and it is basically a fun way to do exercise without even knowing that you are doing. It helps to boost the mood and releases a natural painkiller. It is a great exercise for the gardeners. Planting, weeding, watering and harvesting are great physical exercises to the gardeners. They supply us with healthy food to eat. We all know that the life sources of healthy foods are fruits and vegetables.

 It guaranteed, they can have a smooth relationship without discontinuity. Being healthy in mind and soul also means they are able to take good care of themselves as well as to their significant others.

8. They are kindness humanize:

 They are the paragon of kindness. They don’t want to harm others; they are careful and harmless helpful creatures. They are generally kind to plants, birds, animals, children and every other living creature.

 The kind people surely make good lovers. As we won’t find someone as understanding and mindful as gardeners with a kind heart.

Gardening a perfect environmental hobby

                                                                        Imaged by Jf-Gabnor / Pixabay

The significance of gardening in one’s life:

 It is very important for our future to develop a sustainable plan to feed ourselves. In the future, our food supply may not always be as efficient as it is nowadays. It is good to have a sustainable plan to feed ourselves as there are so many things that could disrupt the production and delivery of food.

Gardening at home builds community:

 Beginners love to query for guidance from seasoned gardeners. Seasoned gardeners LOVE to assist new gardeners. The significance of gardening spans all levels, ages, and types of people. It brings people together.

 These people love to talk gardening. They love to assist each other. Also, they love to share tips with each other. It is important as it just builds community among people. The significance of gardening spans all types of cultures and people.

Gardening is good for our health in many ways:

  • It can reduce the risk of stroke.            
  • It burns calories.
  • It decreases stress buster.
  • It decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis.
  • Surrounded by flowers improves one’s health and mind.
  • It improves relationships and compassion.
  • It may lower the risk of dementia.
  • It strengthens our immune system.

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