Health secrets for a long life

By : Anwesha Bose | : 19 August, 2020
Health secrets for a long life

Health secrets for a long life

 Everybody wants to live long. But in order to live long, you have to learn Health secrets for a long life. It is not a Manna from Heaven. You have to practice good habits, eat good foods, make good hobbies, do social work, quit cigarettes, drink a medical dose of alcohol, eat less, enjoy good leisure.

 Long healthy life is something that everybody wants. It's not that difficult to obtain. Good habits, a healthy diet, exercise, proper sleep, maintaining and active social and community life help us enjoy our life for the longest time. Many people see themselves aging gracefully and living a long healthy life with good friends, family, activities, fun. There are many other people on this earth who dream to have this life; it's far from being a fantasy. Here we shall discuss some reasons or ways for living a healthy long life.

What is the secret to a long life?

 There are various factors such as eating healthy and exercising regularly, maintaining good hobbies and discipline. But people often forget one of the most important factors that are related to longevity: it is where we live, that is the place and environment! It’s not surprising that some places are more conducive to longer lives than others. Socio-economic success and rule of law can help ensure long lives, as well as accessible modern healthcare systems, good sanitation and hygiene practices, high levels of education and governments that encourage their citizens to lead healthy lifestyles. Various countries and different regions within a country have significant variations in longevity. Because there are altogether different factors working in their favor. Such factors are fresh unpolluted air, healthy food, relatively free life, stable society, healthy geography with low humidity and abundant Nature. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CIA tracked the average life expectancy at birth for every country in the world.  Compared to the 1990s, both men and women live 6 to 10 years longer. But this does not mean that throughout the world this is true.

What Are The Ways To Lead A Healthy Long Life?

Lead a healthy long life

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 The first thing a person should do is to avoid stress. It is a common factor for many diseases and conditions. According to a recent study, women suffering from chronic stress have significantly depleted levels of klotho, a hormone that can help protect the body and brain from ageing. It was also found that, people who are under lots of stress are at a 20% increased risk of heart attack and stroke. So avoiding stress is one of the best ways to live a healthy life for a long time. It’s impossible to remove stress completely out of life, at least we can try to cope with it better. We can learn different stress management techniques like meditation, cooking, going for a walk, meeting with friends, listening to music etc.

Healthy Social Life

 Another way is to maintain a healthy social life. We all know that friends make us happy and help us stay away from being alone. This can also help us live longer. Studies have shown that being alone is a risk factor for heart disease, premature date or even stroke. So it's better to have an active social life to maintain a healthy life. This will help us by protecting us from depressive symptoms; guard our brain against symptoms of cognitive declines, such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Our friends’ habits rub off on us, so we should look for buddies with healthy lifestyles. Our chances of becoming obese go up if we have a friend who adds extra pounds. Smoking is also a socially bad habit as it is contagious like a virus.

Exercise & Body Mind Soul

Group exercise

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 Exercise is one of the best ways to keep our body and mind fit. Daily exercise can help us avoid chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes etc. It can also help to increase mood-boosting hormones in the brain and help our body to stay fit, healthy and capable throughout our Golden years. It is also a fantastic way to engage in the community by meeting new people and continue learning new things.

Social Service

 Volunteering makes a difference in the community and gives back in return. People who have a higher sense of purpose either through faith or community service live longer than those who don't. While there are no "one-size-fits-all " rules for determining how and when we give back, it's clear that getting involved in something bigger than self-servicing motive is one of the best ways to stay actively engaged and passionate as we age. It's wise to get involved in something we believe in, something that is impersonal, social.
Finding someone to love can significantly reduce risk of premature death. A 2013 study conducted by Duke University Medical Centre and published in the animals of behavioral medicine found that of 4802 people, those who are married were far less likely to die prematurely. Many believe that having a partner helps reduce stress and provides a source of support, which makes life more enjoyable.

Healthy Diet

Proper vegetable food

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 As said before, maintaining a healthy diet is important to have a long life. Wheat, rye, barley and other whole grains help live a longer life. The reason is that these foods give nutrients called polyphenols that help reduce the risk of early mortality, protect brain health and decrease the possibility of cancer, heart disease diabetes and other respiratory illness. We must have a proper mix of nutrients including plenty of leafy greens, vegetables, protein and fiber to ensure a healthy long life.
A night of proper sleep is well associated with much more than just waking up bright-eyed, it's also related to leaving a long healthy life. Studies have shown that people who sleep for 7 hours, lived significantly longer than people who slept less than 5 hours or more than 8 hours each night. Getting the right amount of sleep each night will protect us from early death and help us feel healthy and more alert. So, it's wise to prioritize sleep for overall well-being.

Eat Less

 People who have a sense of spirituality of faith live longer than those who don't. It is healthy to participate in a cause we believe in, such as Church, meditation center, Temple, Pagoda, spiritual community or volunteer organization. This is a good way to decrease depressive symptoms, and feel more connected to and happy within their communities.
To help avoid dangerous weight gain, avoiding the temptation to over it can also help us enjoy a longer and healthy life. According to a 2008 study conducted by the University of Saint Louis researches, eating until you are roughly 80% full can help you live longer. The reason is that it limits calories, even moderately and helps decrease the production of thyroid hormone known as T3. This slows down the aging process. If one is overweight, slimming down can protect against diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that take years off one's life. Belly fat is bad for anyone, so focusing on deflating that spare tire is beneficial. We must eat more fiber and exercise regularly to whittle our middle.

 To avoid the risk of skin cancer, excess Sun can help keep our skin looking young and healthy. Though enjoying the Sun is an important part of a healthy life we must be sure to slather on the SPF the next time we hit the beach with our family or friends.

Avoid Alcohol & Cigarettes

 There are many conflicting views about the ideal dose of alcohol intake which cannot be easily resolved. But one thing is definite that drinking in the day time in tropical climate is certainly very bad for a healthy life. Also, drinking too much alcohol in any climate can have disastrous health effects. Various studies show that little quantities of alcohol can truly have to protect health benefits. One drink a day (an 8 oz) particularly after Sunset preferably wine or beer can help keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp. At the end of the day, remain balanced with alcoholic drinks.

 There is no doubt that giving up cigarettes will lengthen your life. The question now is that of the benefits of quitting smoking.  One scientific study shows that quitting at age 30 could give you an entire decade. If you want to live long with a strong Lung and a strong Heart, kick off the habit as early as possible by the end of student life. Many people in LDCs are suffering from Chronic Anger. It can be linked to heart disease, stroke, poorer lung health, diabetes, weak nervous system and other problems. Unfortunate human beings have largely failed to learn from the life and ideals of Gautam Buddha. If you give up vengeance and anger while adapting forgiveness and mercy, you will be cured of anxiety, higher blood pressure, and they will help you breathe more easily. Life will be smoother and easy. But it requires a higher mental plateau for a whole society.

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