How to Begin your successful Day

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 13 July, 2020
How to Begin your successful Day

How to Begin your successful Day

 The majority of people across the globe do not know “How to begin your successful day”. Only successful people know it. If you follow our guidelines from today, you will definitely be a successful person.

1. Why is it Important to know how to begin the day?

 It is a very simple question. But the majority of people across the globe do not follow any principles on how to begin the day. Of course, there are exceptions, and these exceptional people get success in life. Majority students, boy or girl, begin the day very casually without any purpose. Honestly, they do not have any idea of how to begin the day. They do not become successful. You are not in that mediocre group. You have enough potential in life. The greatest proverb in this topic is: Morning shows the day; this morning is life’s morning. Natural science, Yoga Science and Trajectory of successful people guide us through some preliminary steps. Let us present in a simple way how you should start the day in the morning every day.

 You may know that good teacher say it is good to have meditation, yoga or a walk in the morning. But the majority of students have not followed it, though you like to follow. If you can develop a habit of enjoying the Sunrise, you are ahead of your contemporary people. It is also good to develop a reading habit the night before today morning. Always pick up a good book, particularly motivational book, exciting book, book on jokes which has lasting value in life. Most important of all, try to avoid mobile phone in the morning and the night before. Those who do not acquire this habit of avoiding mobile in the morning and night before, the supreme decision-maker, “Time”, will not forgive them. So, avoid this bad habit. You should begin every day with your planning chart which you have made the night before. And perform your works passionately as if you are playing a final football match in the World Cup. Always try to be happy in the morning, even if your surroundings do not support you.

 As said by the greatest man ever born on earth,

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” - Gautam Buddha


 According to The Bhagwat Gita: “The past is lost, the future is illusion, so live only today.” That is, yesterday will never return, we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, so the most efficient and potentially successful man concentrates only on today.


2. Pranayama the starting booster

 First of all, wake up as early as possible from the bed. The best time to get up from bed is by the time the sun rises. If you can’t, no problem. Just get up at 6 AM. Get up in a free mind, as if you have gotten the day as a gift so that you will be in a spirited smiling mental position. Then do not come down immediately from your bed. Sit in Lotus position, or cross leg, close your eyes, keep your hands on the respective knees, begin inhaling deeply, then exhale completely, slowly, with a void mind. Follow our Pranayama guide in earlier articles. Continue just for 5 minutes. Or, you can meditate and pronounce “OM” chanting for 5 minutes. Then be free, think your works or duties to be performed for the day step by step in a meticulous way, execute the works in time sequence from morning to night as noted down the night before.

 Then get down from the bed, drink water if you can. Then go to the toilet. Brush your teeth. Then go to the second stage after exchanging a good morning with your parents. Keep in mind that in this uncertain and selfish world, parents are your best well-wishers, even you may not agree with all of their sermons.

3. Tea & Biscuits time

 Your second task is to drink enough warm water with lemon. Take a glass of lukewarm water, mix the juice of a lemon, 1 gm salt, 2 gm sugar to make it tasty, then drink it enjoyably; best without salt and sugar. What purpose lemon serves? Lemon is a good cleanser of your Liver and Kidney so that your aging process will be deferred. Lemon also contains huge Vitamin-C so that your immunity will be improved, and you will be saved from various ailments. Also, Lemon water alkalizes your body so that the acidic elements cannot damage your bones and tissues. Above all, Lemon has huge antioxidant qualities so that your fat will be reduced, your skin will glow and your youth will last for a long period.

4. Free Hand Exercises and Yoga

 Then drink your tea, better take organic black tea with 2 biscuits, better digestive natural biscuits. Then begin to do 5 to 10 items of freehand exercises to make your muscles free from overnight inertia and rest. There are many types of freehand exercise you can choose from our Free Hand Exercise list. It will take 5 to 10 minutes at the maximum. Then spend 1 to 3 minutes on Shavasana, which is lying down with a void mind. Then begin your Yoga Asana depending on your needs, do only 5 Yoga Asana which boosts your Brain, Heart, Lung, Liver and Stomach. Please feel free to change or replace some Asana after a couple of days depending on your needs. In total spend only 10 minutes. So, in just 15 to 20 minutes every day, you will be much ahead of the people of your time. That is, by the time you finish the second step, you are miles ahead from your contemporary generation. Because you are prepared for a life as per Darwin’s Law- Survival of the Fittest. Nobody can beat you in your field of work, profession and leisure. Keep in mind that when doing Yoga, you can run classical music in your Laptop or music system- vocal or instrumental. It will have enduring effects on your performance. Your Body- Mind- Soul will be in harmony with your ambition, your efficiency and achievements.

5. Take Healthy Breakfast

 Now it is time for you to eat a healthy breakfast. Healthy breakfast does not mean huge foods, it means those foods which will maintain your nutrition while strengthening immunity and reducing unfriendly fats. Keep in mind that immunity is the best preventive medicine without eating it. Immunity is partly genetic and partly derived from diets over time and Yoga. The best food to begin your day is a sour card, best if you can make at home; it is very simple; learn from any YouTube video; it is too cheap and pure if you can make at home from raw milk. So, eat at least 150 grams card with handmade bread, or brown loaf, along with banana, apple and boiled egg. Another alternative food combination is mixed corn flex, hot milk, banana and any local fruit.

6. Kick Start Your Works

 You are now equipped to follow your work routine, from most important ones as priorities and the least important ones as secondary. You are fit to succeed in life. Because you have learned to employ each day at a time.

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