How to Learn Meditation Step by Step - Guide for Beginners

By : Dr. Subhasish Chakrabarty Raychaudhury | : 24 December, 2020
How to Learn Meditation Step by Step - Guide for Beginners

How to Learn Meditation Step by Step - Guide for Beginners

Why do we meditate? There is a common belief that we meditate to see and get the touch of God.


What are the reasons for meditation?

Different people meditate for different reasons to remain calm, to increase tolerance power, to diminish stress or strain, to get rid of crisis, to increase the power of concentration and the like. It is definite that meditation can reduce anxiety, help solve the negative effects of insomnia and improve longevity. It is a process that involves relaxing the body and quieting the mind. It is the only Yogic way to achieve Supreme Consciousness.

Pain is attached to our mundane life and it is obvious as we have a living body. This body needs various foods to survive on earth. It needs shelter to protect from outer influences. But what about internal hunger and influences that protect this life.


How we create enemies within ourselves?

Actually, we eat primarily for the nutrition of our physical body. We earn more money and spend on protection from external influences and uncertainties. But when people earn many times more than what they consume or require or deserve, by this time greed, ego and craze for power enter into the mind and work as catalyst for internal enemies influencing to destroy our beautiful rose like mind. Subsequently, infatuation and intoxication take the driver’s seat of the mind as a result of which our natural ability to control the mind begins to go beyond regulator. Naturally, therefore, anxiety and insomnia germinate deep inside the mind and develop slowly to take to the path of unhappiness and self-imposed disturbance in the mind.


Why the realization is necessary?

At this stage of an individual life process, wisdom is necessary to realize the purpose of life. But ego (as Anobium punctatum, wood-boring beetle) enters into our mind in the larval stage and destroys our mind and body. Finally, jealousy, envy, arrogance develop in the mind which are harmful to the fulfillment of our birth and prevent us from the realization of the meaning of mortal life.


How to control the ego and arrogance?

There is no doubt that meditation makes the mind free from wood-boring beetle and wash out all those without much difficulty. The goal should be firmly made in the mind to destroy all those enemies inside the mind at every step to establish the truth that is only present in the Universe. The most common and easiest way for the purification of the soul is to speak out what is actually in your mind as instructed by Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansadev. Don't use such words which has a double meaning. Be clear, transparent and honest to make your life and family life successful.

Once Swami Bishuddhananda was asked by his disciple "why do you not allow to touch your shadow by others?"

He said, "Practice of a fixed idea or moto for some duration is a kind of meditation". That was not followed by him after certain years, which was his target.

So, we can meditate/concentrate at any time of the day in different ways. Purification of mind will drag to real meditation which we do mean here. Every step of meditation needs preparation before the practice/process.

For meditation, we think to sit on a pure, fixed seat, in a good fresh room and to close our eyes for some time.


What next?

Now a true Guide or Guru is necessary who is experienced in the process. Inexperienced guidance means there will be untruths that are against the philosophy of meditation.

If I think of myself as "i", then it will be easier to surrender myself to the greatest power of the Universe which is present in everyone  - The Almighty Nature. But ego as a curtain prevents us from the realization of that power and to know ourselves where endless Power, Superconscious and Transcendental wisdom belong.

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Dr. Subhasish Chakrabarty Raychaudhury
Dr. Subhasish Chakrabarty Raychaudhury
M.B.B.S., D. A., M.D.
Dr. Subhasish Chakrabarty Raychaudhury M.B.B.S., D. A., M.D. Consultant Anaesthetist...

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