How You will be Master of Kundalini Chakra Healing?

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 08 September, 2020
How You will be Master of Kundalini Chakra Healing?

How You will be Master of Kundalini Chakra Healing

Eastern vs Western Views

This is a lesson which will help you understand the existence of your being here in this life beyond the utilitarian enjoyment. Some great Yoga authors have written that the Eastern view of the nature of human being is very different from that in the Western world. In the East, they see man in a collective existence with God, Nature and the Universe. They understand that ultimately man is part of that Universal Intelligence or Consciousness that supports life in this planet.

In the Western world, man is primarily guided by the motive of utility maximization through material well-being. Man's basic problem is that he has forgotten his true nature, and has become entangled in the drama of being an individual, motivated for individual recognition, achievement, satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure happiness. On the other hand, the greatest modern Indian saint Swamy Vivekananda wrote the opposite. He visited Europe and America many times. He has reached the conclusion that the Western people are the ideal candidates for spiritual upliftment through Yoga Meditation Pranayama. According to him, they have enjoyed the material world to the full, and hence they do not have any further craze for material happiness. The Eastern people are basically suffering from physical poverty, so they need to cross the stage of poverty and material happiness first.

Here we discuss 3 most important lessons for the beginners.

First Lesson

The very 1st lesson is that imagination is the door to inspiration and creativity. Chakra cleansing and Kundalini chakra awakening help you achieve this stage of mind. How to learn the Chakra arousal technique? Those who stuff themselves too much, those who starve, those who sleep too much or too little, they cannot achieve this state of mind easily. You need to accumulate energy to get out of ignorance, fickleness, jealousy, laziness, and excessive attachment to anything. You have to be pure in terms of physical and mental health. You have to be tolerant; you can not achieve everything or anything in one day only. You need to acquire perseverance as you learnt from life. This is the beginning. Then you are to sure to achieve Chakra control and Kundalini awakening.

When to practise meditation?

According to Yoga science, the best time to do meditation is the junction of the day and night, as it is the calmest time in the tides of our body, mind and Nature. It is the dawn, early morning when the Sun is just going to give us another additional day for our life. Your mind is at a “zero stage” at this time after having a good night’s sleep. It is the best time for Chakra meditation for beginners. It is the best time for life and living creatures except the nocturnal animals. It is also the best time for Mother Nature.

Second Lesson

This Yoga is known as eightfold Yoga as it is divided into 8 principal parts. The first is Yama which governs our whole life. It has 5 divisions such as:

  1. Not injuring any being by thoughts, words, deeds and actions;
  2. Non-covetousness thoughts, words, deeds and actions;
  3. Perfect purity in thoughts, words, deeds and actions;
  4. Perfect truthfulness in thoughts, words, deeds and actions;
  5. Non-receiving any unusual undeserved gains.

The second is Niyama (discipline) which includes bodily care, bathing, diets, timing etc.

The third is Asana (Yoga) postures.

The fourth is Pranayama in order to get control of the vital force, Prana (life).

The fifth is Pratyahara, that is, bringing your mind inward, dissociating with external thoughts and disturbances.

The sixth is Dharana, that is, concentrating your mind into one subject now.

The seventh is Dhyana, that is, meditation.

The eighth is Samadhi, that is, illumination or enlightenment in an unmoved, undisturbed Padmasana (Lotus) posture. Chanting “OM” emanating from your Root Chakra (Muladhar) to the top of the brain via all the middle 5 Chakras automatically assimilate you with the universal spirit. When you practise this for 15 to 30 minutes for some time, you yourself will discover that your body has become pure, your mind has become neutral from mundane sufferings, you will not require much sleeping. You accumulate tremendous energy within you. You will not be tired; your ageing will definitely fall. Your immunity power is strengthened to the highest level so that ordinary germ, virus and bacteria like Coronavirus cannot make you a prey, and cannot disturb you. You are pure and powerful.

Now you can feel the Chakra colours in this position.

Third Lesson

It is Kundalini Yoga. Here you realise the soul not as a matter, but as it is beyond the body but residing within. This gives you the feeling that you are immortal, indestructible, eternal. The body can not be immortal, neither the mind. The body changes with our birth and death, but the soul remains forever, assimilating with the universe, Param Brahma. The Sun and the Moon currents bring energy to all parts of the body. The surplus energy is stored at certain points (plexuses) along your spinal chord (column) called as “nerve centres” by scientists.

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