Is Happiness Still Possible in 21st Century?

By : Orson Tumbler | : 09 September, 2020
Is Happiness Still Possible in 21st Century?

Is happiness still possible in 21st century?

Even the question, “Is happiness still possible in 21st century” may appear weird. But it is highly relevant in this uncertain age. Happiness is a choice, so you have to know the causes of unhappiness. True happiness can be found from work and resignation.

Happiness is a Choice

The title, “Is happiness still possible in 21st century?” itself appears very strange. But a good question is half of the answer, while a bad question leads to nowhere. The very importance of the question relates to the unprecedented uncertainty of the 21st century. The world has never seen so many natural calamities, so widespread lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, so much unemployment, so much economic recession compared to the Great Depression of 1929 in USA, and so much conflict of interests among nations. But one thing is clear: all the problems are man-made. Nobody could imagine how dangerous the social life across the globe was going to emerge due to Coronavirus Pandemic that made all of us partly unhappy.

Under such an uncertain and depressive atmosphere, your happiness is a choice. Your choice is your primary objective. Your choice must be rational and achievable. You have to be logically correct. Emotion and sentiment must not get your approval to take the driver’s seat in your mind. You have to fulfill your choice by any means honestly. So, you have to know for sure what is happiness and on what factors happiness depends. When a patient goes to a Doctor’s Chamber, she goes because she is not feeling well. So, you have to be clear about the possible causes of unhappiness. If needed, you can discuss it with a wise person or an expert. Then only you can search for the causes of happiness. We are concerned because ‘unhappiness’ rules supreme in the 21st century- a century of restlessness, uncertainty and trustless society everywhere in the developing world.

Causes of Unhappiness

There are many reasons for unhappiness. Actually, if you scientifically analyze your causes of unhappiness, you are sure to find that some of them emanate from your mind, which is inseparable from your body, DNA; others originate in the larger surroundings where you live including your family or educational institutes or workplace or neighborhood, or all. The former is called “internal sources”, while the latter can be grouped as “external sources”. It is not very difficult to control the “internal sources”, but you do not have control on the “external sources.” In any case, you have to constantly search for the sources, and follow some disciplined approach to mitigate them.

Undue sex craze without caring for consequential negative developments may result in intense unhappiness which may endanger your life. So, be rational, objective and scientific instead of depending on the unlimited craze for sex. There is no doubt that sex and happiness are not necessarily linked.

As rightly suggested by Bertrand Russell, causes of unhappiness can be categorized into Competition, Byronic unhappiness, boredom and excitement, fatigue, envy, sense of sin, persecution mania and fear of public opinion. At least some of them are surely applicable to you if you suffer from unhappiness. On the other hand, he has also suggested that causes of happiness can be found in your dispassionate efforts at finding affection, zest, family, work, impersonal interests. Impersonal interests include your hobbies. The Bhagwat Gita says that your efforts for any work must be dispassionate, that is, you may devote to your work passionately but you should not expect any fruit from your work. Rewards are not at your hand. It means that you have to work dispassionately. When you can do this, you will neither suffer from failure nor become egoistic for your success.

Happiness Quotes

According to Albert Einstein, “Happiness is a function of three variables: work, play and ability to keep your mouth shut.”

Paolo Coelho rightly said, “Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”

Audrey Hepburn was also correct, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy. It’s all that matters.”

Mark Twain put our idea perfectly: “Happy is he who forgets (ignores) what cannot be changed.”

Albert Schweitzer quote par excellence on the content of our post, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to happiness. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

What is True Happiness?

True happiness depends on your ability to adjust with unforeseen circumstances which come in your way from beyond your expectation, wherever you are living. Enjoy by doing whatever you like without inviting unwanted problems. Remain deeply engaged in your work, practice Yoga and Meditation for your mind control, take care of your family members and learn to help serve disadvantaged people dispassionately. Friendship is also a good source of happiness in this uncertain world. It is also true that in 21st century digital world, it is not easy to find dependable friends. Still accept what you have, deliver what you can. Do not complain much, raise yourself above all and enjoy the feeling of being a Master. You are sure to be happy with this Lonely Planet, industrialized society, selfish surroundings.

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