Is Sense Pleasure Necessary for Happiness ?

By : Emma Laurence | : 08 September, 2020
Is Sense Pleasure Necessary for Happiness ?

Is Sex Necessary for Happiness?


What is Happiness in the present age?

Factors influencing your happiness depend on 2 primary sources: external and internal. You can control your internal (body and mind) factors, but you cannot command over the external factors. The social and natural environment do not go by your wish. Happiness is not pleasure. Pleasure is enjoyment, which is temporary. But happiness is joy, bliss and much more neutral and impersonal, lasting. You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy pleasure. Happiness is of the deeper mind, while pleasure is related to senses and very close to sex and similar types of intoxications. Sex is not at all bad. It is one of the most important sources of motivation for the animal kingdom including humans. In fact, it is more important for humans. Humans enjoy sex throughout the year, day and night. It has become a business, spying, entrapment in the human world. So, answers to a question like “Is sense pleasure necessary for your happiness” is a complex question. No simple answer. It depends on a multitude of factors.

How sex and happiness are related?

It depends on your mindset, age, levels of living, occupation, education and location. For many people, sex is the most important source of regular motivation. Sex helps them overcome daily fatigue, boredom, tension, frustration, success, or failure; their only source of relaxation is sex. On the other hand, there are some ethically minded people who believe Bertrand Russell: Sex without love is beastly, sex with love is humane and heavenly, bliss. You don’t have to be worried. Imagine what is the oldest profession in the world. The answer invariably is Prostitution. How many persons earn their livelihood from this profession? Millions of millions of prostitutes are there across all countries. A large majority of them do not enjoy this profession and hence are not happy by serving sex to customers, but they are helpless; they need to earn some money in order to maintain their mundane needs for survival. Who are the customers? Billions of men are the customers. So, sex without love cannot be negated; it is enormously present in our world, in our society, in our surroundings from time immemorial. Here sex is a source of pleasure at a price. Sex trafficking is the most challenging problem in the whole of the developing world. So, the markets for girls and women are very deep-rooted in most parts of the globe.

So, sex and happiness are intimately related to some people, while unrelated to others.

WhatsApp Sex

In a world ruled by social media, the majority of people except the children have a smartphone. The largest proportion of them, who are not above 70, enjoy sex videos, sex stories, porno in their phones. Of course, women above 60 hardly find much interest in sex. WhatsApp is one to one connection through android mobiles. Those who are young they share and enjoy direct live sex videos among themselves. Its fallout is dangerous. Many young teenage girls have been committing suicides across the developing world when they are blackmailed by their boy partners. This is not limited to urban areas only. People from Asia, Africa and Latin America have reported that teenage girls are easy prey for a billion boys across the world. Of course, reverse stories are also printed in newspapers where good and intelligent boys are also entrapped by cunning girls.

Adolescent Sex

The omegist team organized a small succinct digital interview among school leaving girls and boys, aged 17 and 18, located in both urban and rural areas. They agreed after ensuring anonymity through their teachers. In total, 10 schools were chosen under government and private ownership. A total of 909 students were interviewed, out of which 45% were girls and 55% were boys. The major findings are amazingly exciting.

The questions asked are:

Do you enjoy sex?

With whom you enjoy it?

Do you masturbate?

How often you enjoy sex?

Do you allow direct sex without a condom?

Do you use sex toys?

Do you enjoy the porno videos?

Do you participate in a live sex video with friends?

Is sex necessary for happiness?

Do your parents know?

In so far as the urban girls are concerned, 91% of girls have admitted that they enjoy sex almost regularly with their school friends and also by other means. As much as 81% have admitted that they also do masturbate before going to bed almost every night. Only 18% have confessed that they do not use any sex toy but they use cucumber or banana or carrot whatever is available at home. But others have reported that they use their fingers. Most girls have told that they use condoms when they enjoy intercourse with their boyfriends. Interestingly, almost 100% of girls have admitted that they regularly enjoy not only sex video but also, they engage in live sex with their friends. On the whole, these girls cannot imagine a day without sex.

Unfortunately, they do not definitely know what is meant by “happiness”. Indirectly, they have admitted that sex is the cause of happiness for them. Finally, their parents do not know about their sex life.

Interestingly, among the girls studying and living in rural areas, a very insignificant percentage are engaged in regular sex acts. But they have admitted that they have some casual sex enjoyment with their relatives.

Among the boys living and studying in urban areas, 95% have replied in the same vein as the girls. What is more, a larger percentage of boys do masturbate regularly and more than once per day. But none of them use sex toys because these are not easily available in their region. They have also admitted that they enjoy sex with multiple partners among their classmates.

The most interesting finding is that for both girls and boys, the richer the families, the higher the urge for and intensity of sex among themselves. It is perhaps a 21st-century tendency of young boys and girls across the world. So, we have to research more intensively and extensively to find the complete picture.

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