Know the Real Meaning of Yoga Asana and Yoga Mudra

By : Soumik Pal | : 11 September, 2020
Know the Real Meaning of Yoga Asana and Yoga Mudra

Know the Real Meaning of Yoga Asana and Yoga Mudra

Before selecting the Yoga combination, you should know the real meaning of Yoga Asana and Yoga Mudra. It will help you improve your immunity, balance between body mind soul and productivity.


As known to all, Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama and Mudra were developed in ancient India. The sage Patañjali was active during 200 to 100 BC in India. He has written many Sanskrit books. The greatest of these are the Yoga Sutras, the classical yoga text.

Asana means posture of a particular Yoga. This is divided into two distinct types:

  1.  Dhyanasana (Dhyana means meditation), that is meditation poses, and
  2.  Swasthyasana (i.e., Swasthay means health and Asana means posture) means those postures which help keep perfect health.

#1 You have to keep in mind the following important ideas and issues to be able to maintain perfect health as well as a perfect balance between Body Mind Soul.

#2 Meditation is the 1st step towards self-realization and understanding your inner qualities and faculties. It increases your power of imagination which is the backbone of success in any field of life.

#3 The purpose of various Yoga postures is to cure or mitigate your structural limitations by birth. Some people are born with lower physical capabilities. Others are born with lower mental or logical or scientific or mathematical abilities.

#4 Various Yoga poses help you achieve strong health and overall balance between body and neutral network such that your immunity power gets boosted. If immunity is high, even Coronavirus can’t touch you.

#5 There are various types of Asanas that help you achieve a balance between physical and mental health.

#6 They also make your nerves and muscles stronger so that your spine (backbone) remains flexible for your life. A flexible spine keeps your Ida (read ira), Pingala and Sushumna active for life so that you will not have to face aging and disease, although death is unavoidable for the both living and non-living world. This will eventually help you win Kundalini Chakra - super consciousness.

#7 Mudras naturally helps you maintain the glands for the perfect functioning of the body.

#8 Keep in mind that gland, nerves and muscles help you maintain the perfect balance of your internal organs.

#9 The glands help maintain internal secretions (endocrine glands) which get diluted with the blood flow, make it naturally rich. This process creates sound health so that aging is retarded, and diseases fail to affect your health.

#10 Improved blood helps you maintain all the internal organs and machineries including lungs, heart, liver, stomach, kidney in perfect working conditions.

#11 Practice of these Mudras and Asanas make your thyroid, pituitary and sex glands strong and active. This is the most important combined factor for your productivity and happiness. For this, you have to choose the right combination of Yoga.

#12 In essence, grey area in your brain increases so that your scientific logical aptitude and imaginative power get boosted.

#13 Children above 11 years of age can begin these Mudras and Asanas under an expert Yoga teacher or guru at the beginning.

#14 Girls and women should not do most Asanas and Mudras during their menstrual cycle. Of course, they can choose some permissible ones. Health of girls and women are most important for future generation of any society.

#15 So, Mudras and Asanas help maintain the perfect balance between body mind soul. So, you should know your Kundalini Chakra in scientific details.

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