Maskne: Everything You Need to Know about Face Mask Acne

By : Tashia Anderson | : 25 September, 2020
Maskne: Everything You Need to Know about Face Mask Acne

Maskne: Everything You Need to Know about Face Mask Acne

Covid-19 has given birth to a new disease: it is Maskne, it is a facial skin disease out of face mask, called Face Mask Acne.


Impact of Covid-19 on Human Behavior

Recorded history has never seen such vulnerability of human beings. The total death toll due to Covid-19 comes nowhere near any of the two World Wars. The most notorious dictators in world history such as Alexander, Timur, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others have killed many times more people compared to Coronavirus. But never before history has seen such a complete lockdown of human activities and disorder in international relationships. The most important behavioral change due to Covid-19 is the use of Face Mask. From children to aged people, from worker to the capitalist, from honest voter to national leader, Covid-19 has shut the mouth of all by Face Mask. Sanitizer is an additional feature.


What’s the purpose of Face Mask?

As has become well known by now, COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets from an infected person. How? The Virus from the infested person spread through cough, sneeze, talk, spitting. The use of a face mask can help you avoid these droplets from reaching your mouth, nose and face. Of course, the eye is another entry point; so, you must also use medical full covered glass. So far mask is the best preventive measure for all in the absence of any proven anti-virus. Along with comes social distancing, which is maintaining a distance of 1 meter. Then comes frequent hand washing, use of disinfectant sanitizer, etc.


'Maskne': Why your face is getting skin infection?

  • Whenever you go out, you must have to use the mask.

  • But whenever you return from outside, you must also have to wash hards with medical shops.

  • You have also to disinfect your car, dress and mobile with medically tested disinfectant.

  • This kills the virus.

  • Continuous use of unwashed mask under humidity, heat, sweating, the friction of synthetic mask with soft skin is primarily responsible for rash in the skin, which may end up in dangerous other skin diseases.


Maskne: Face Mask Acne

Global media reports particularly from the developed countries in temperate zones are reporting every day that many people are experiencing acne (spots), skin diseases, on their face. A new word has come to the fore, “Maskne”, due to Coronavirus. English dictionary has found a new word after a long time.

face acne

Coronavirus has been responsible for an enormous increase in the number of people experiencing acne caused by wearing a face mask; also known as Maskne. Medical experts are calling it acne mechanica. It is the outcome of mechanical friction between soft face skin and the synthetic mask, which is causing inflammation and irritation. It is the combined outcome of outside heat, humidity, pollution, sweat, sunscreen which create a conducive environment for bacteria, organisms, germs and Maskne. Those who are using an N-95 mask, or synthetic fiber mask, or heavy-duty mask are suffering more from this problem.


What’s the treatment of Maskne?

Medical experts are of the view that since skin quality is not tough for people living in temperate weather you shouldn’t use powerful medicines like alpha hydroxy acids, chemical peels or Retin A to deal with this new skin disease. Because the use of strong chemicals will further aggravate your skin. For example, you may end up with eczema, dry patches, stinging, burning, inflammation etc.

So, the best thing to do is to regularly use the mask. Use soft anti-bacterial skin ointment, soft anti-septic liquid jells to wash your face, neck, shoulder, hands and other sensitive parts of the body before going out of home and after returning home. That is, before using the mask to go out and after returning home.

Be careful not to throw the mask on the couch or closet or bed, and relax carelessly. That may invite enormous internal inhouse problems for your family.


The New Normal at COVID Period

Covid-19 has been teaching us the conditions of new normal. You have to be a maniac, please do not compromise even if your friends and relatives mock at you. Dermatologists in most countries agree that you can no longer ignore the trivial habits you were accustomed to before the onslaught of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  • Strictly wash the mask with strong anti-bacterial, anti-virus shops after every use.

  • Wash your hands and face with such body jell and medical cream which do not have any negative impact on your skin, yet they are able to kill the germ, virus and bacteria.

  • Every time you return to home, wash your clothes with strong liquid shops.

  • Another significant error most people do is that they enter into the house with shoes that they use for outside. This may cause uncontrollable damage because virus droplets through cough and sneeze remain to live in various places in the office, court, school, college, university, shopping mall, road and other meeting grounds. So, never bring the shoe inside before cleaning and sanitizing strongly.

  • Everywhere maintain at least 1-meter social distancing for your safety and also for the safety and security of your children.

  • Also, the bag you used outside must be sanitized.

  • The currency notes you are carrying in must be invariably sanitized. Remember that currency notes have a ‘transaction velocity’ many times more than any other commodity.

  • The vegetables you have just bought must be put to a tub with salt water for some time.

  • The industrial goods you have just bought must also be invariably sanitized without compromise. You do not know from where they are carrying.

  • Finally, in such a troubling time for all of us, please find some 15 minutes to practice some Yoga Asana to boost your immunity which matters most for our flawless survival that no medicine can perform as a preventive check. Medical experts are certain that Covid-19 first damages your throat, lungs and related organs.

Coronavirus Pandemic is teaching the humans many serious lessons which textbooks could not. So, learn these, accept these and spread these for our own survival.



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