Moolabandha Mudra (Anal Nerve Control)

By : Tashia Anderson | : 05 October, 2020
Moolabandha Mudra (Anal Nerve Control)

Moolabandha Mudra (Anal Nerve Control)


Etymology, Physiology and Origins of Moolabandha Mudra

Moola or Mula Bandha is a Sanskrit word. Moola or Mula means root, or base, or foundation, or origin, Bandha means a bond, or link or connection. In English, it means the Root Nerve Connection, or Attraction, or Control. Some sources tell that this great Yoga has its in Jain (Mahavir Jain- the founder of Jainism) tradition of ancient India.   Mula Bandha Mudra is essentially a body-mind nerve discipline. It is interconnected with the Muladhara Chakra or the Pelvic Plexus. This Mudra improves the health of the glands and nerves of the Pelvic Plexus- the sensuous area of the body, and hence called Mulabandha Mudra. There are the glands of Kandarpa (Prostate) and Madana Cowper’s glands, or sex glands). It is a pair of small glands which open into the Urethra at the base of the penis and vagina and secrete a constituent of seminal fluid by erotic thoughts and sex acts. Girls and women do not have exactly these two glands but a similar set of glands called Rati Granthi (Bertholines) and Mithuna Granthi (Skene’s Glands), and which are responsible for the secretion of fluids due to erotic thoughts and sex acts by women and girls. The small space between the Anus and the end of the Scrotum is called the Urethra. Interestingly, the all-important Spine of the body just ends here above the Urethra, where there is a small place called Kandasthana (main base of the trunk). It is a spherical region around the navel enclosing the Manipura Chakra. This is the place where 72,000 nerves originate and spread up into the whole body. It should be mentioned here that there are about 4000 nerve ending in the penis, while 8000 nerve ending in just clitoris alone. This point is the origin of the most important nerves like Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, the sex and the Anal nerves. The Anal nerves are responsible for the removal of waste materials and impurities of the Intestines; the efficiency of this disposal mechanism helps you maintain immunity and remain pure for long. The Sex Nerves with its offshoots dominates over all the sex glands and sex organs, which are spread across the body particularly for girls and women. These three nerves, Ida, Pingala and Sushma originate at the same point. Ida travels through the left side, Pingala through the right side, while Sushumna reaches the Vishuddha Chakra (throat region), where it bifurcates to reach the “Ajna Chakra”, or the Plexus of Command at one end, and the Brahma Randhra (which is linked with Supreme Consciousness). These three important nerves control our Respiratory system which is responsible for optimum oxygen supply to the blood. Ida is normally identified as breathing through the left nostril, Pingala through the right nostril, and Sushumna through both nostrils.


Step by Step Instructions of Moolabandha Mudra

  • Sit in Padmasana (Lotus) pose, or crossed leg pose which is meant for meditation.

  • Concentrate your mind thinking the root nerves, completely unlearn the surroundings and the world, aspire to reach Supreme Consciousness.

  • Slowly begin to take a deep breath as if squeezing from the root gland the breath begins to move up through the navel region to the Lungs to neck and end up in the head. It is better if you inhale with the word ‘AUM’ so that beginning and end of full inhalation will be as per the rule described above: ‘A’ starts from the root, ‘U’ goes through the bust and neck, and ‘M’ ends as a vibration in the head which you alone can feel. This is a fascinating technique.

  • Now begin the exhalation process from the head to the root through the reverse chain.

  • In both cases, inhalation and exhalation must not make any sound.

  • In this way, if you practice for a few weeks, you can easily feel that your inhalation and exhalation take place through the whole body basing upon your Spine.

  • Continue to do so for 10 minutes in the morning, and again in the evening.

  • You may increase the duration later depending on availability of time

  • You can certainly feel that your energy has increased immensely, insomnia vanished, lethargy ran away, your disease conquering power increased a lot.

  • Your concentration power will be heightened.

  • At the end of the session, walk-in your room for a few minutes.


Benefits of Moolabandha Mudra


Anatomical Focus and Disease Control

  • Regular practice of this Yoga helps your body drain out the wastage of Intestines smoothly so that your body becomes pure, clean, untainted, unpolluted.

  • It eliminates the problems of Constipation.

  • It cures the evils of Piles.

  • It also cures the dribbling of Semen.

  • This Yoga increases your appetite.

  • Senior men and women can remain youthful by regularly practicing this Yoga.

  • Sexual excitement is facilitated by the secretion from the prostate and other sex glands situated at the root, “Pelvic Plexus”.

  • This Yoga intensifies the natural bond between opposite sexes, male and female.

  • Regular practice of this Yoga Mudra invigorates and corrects the defects of sex glands of both males and females such that the power of retention is increased and a better child is born as a result.

  • Other nerves in the Pelvic Plexus region also get strengthened.

  • This Asana increases the grey area in the brain.

  • It also increases the power of your brain.

  • It increases immunity power, rectifies blood as the wastage discharge mechanism becomes efficient.


Benefits for Girls and Women

  • Girls and women remain youthful for a long time by regularly practicing this Yoga.

  • Girls will get immense benefits during student life by the increased power of self-control.

  • The sexual power of both girls and women will be heightened.

  • Girls generally get some skin problems in facial skin during adolescence period, which will be cured by this Yoga.



  • This Yoga does not have any restriction but unless you get strict training under an expert Yoga teacher, it is not easy to perform perfectly.

  • Of course, an empty Stomach is a must to learn this breathing control.

  • Practice it in early morning and evening.

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