Padahastasana (The Whole-Body Stretch)

By : Tashia Anderson | : 02 November, 2020
Padahastasana (The Whole-Body Stretch)

Padahastasana (The Whole-Body Stretch)


Etymology and Origins of Padahastasana

Padahastasana is a Sanskrit word; Pada means foot, Hasta means Hand, Asana means Yoga Pose. It is Standing Forward Bend (and Backward bend), and catching the leg fingers. Another variant is called Uttanasana, where Uttana means intense stretch. Padahastasana involves 12 Yoga poses from the Hatha Yoga tradition. It is also part of the Sun Salutation, i.e., Surya Namaskar.


Step by Step Instructions of Padahastasana

Phase 1:

  • Select an airy place either in-room or outside lawn.

  • Stand straight on your attached heels, toes remain wide apart.

  • Gradually raise the left hand straight above the head touching tightly on the left ear.

  • The right hand should be pressed tightly down the right side.

  • Now bend your trunk on the right side so that your right-hand goes down towards the knees, while the left hand, head and neck bend towards the right side.

  • While going to the right side, exhale completely, and do not bend your knees and legs, only the trunk along with the left-hand bends to match the right hand going down.

  • Remain in this position for just a few seconds, then return to the standing position, that is, left hand upward, right hand downward, head, neck straight and perpendicular.

  • Now perform the same work in reverse order, i.e., right hand upward and left hand downward.

  • Continue to do these 5 to 6 times so that one series is complete.


Phase 2:

  • Now raise your both hands upwards pressing them to both sides of the head.

  • While exhaling bend the trunk backward as far as possible, remain at the extreme so long as you can continue without breathing.

  • Then come back to normal position with both hands upwards.

  • Now exhale completely, and bend forward without bending your knees, catch the respective toes, remain in this position so long as you can remain without inhaling.

  • Gradually you can touch your head on your knees while doing forward bending; initially, you may be able to do it.

  • Then gradually come back to normal position.

  • Continue to practice this forward and backward bend 5 to 6 times.

  • So, these four positions left and right as well as backward and forward bend, constitute a complete series of Padahastasana.

  • In a sense, therefore, it is also a part of Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar.


Benefits of Padahastasana


Anatomical Focus & Disease Control

  • This Yoga Asana helps immensely in keeping the Spine straight, flexible and youthful for life.

  • The muscles and nerves on both left and right side as well as front and back get invigorated.

  • Aging is deferred by this Yoga process.

  • It also increases the height of both girls and boys, if they can practice it from early school life.

  • Those who are suffering from Anaemia will be enormously benefited by this great Yoga as it provides blood circulation to the system.

  • It also removes Indigestion, Constipation, Sciatica, excess fat from Naval and hip areas.

  • It also removes the defects of Kidneys.

  • It strengthens the general Immunity through added blood circulation and flexibility of the Spine.

  • Those who are suffering from Tama negativities will be immensely benefited by this Yoga as it removes the inertia and negative properties from the body and mind.

  • It also strengthens the brainpower and increases stamina.


Benefits for Girls & Women

  • It is a necessary Yoga for school girls as it strengthens the muscles and nerves and makes the Spine flexible.

  • Girls and women will remain youthful by doing this Asana.

  • Lethargy will decline, stamina will increase.

  • Girls of developing countries must do it regularly from school life to increase their height.

  • The excess fat in the Pelvic, abdomen and hip areas will be reduced so that girls and women will look beautiful and attractive.



  • Those who are suffering from BP problems and Heart disease must not do it.

  • Girls and women should not do it during their Menstrual Period as it may increase bleeding and pain.

  • Always do it on an empty stomach.

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