Pavanmuktasana (Wind Relieving pose)

By : Emma Laurence | : 16 September, 2020
Pavanmuktasana (Wind Relieving pose)

Pavanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)


Etymology and Origins of Pavanmuktasana

Pavanamuktasana is a Sanskrit word. “Pavan” means “wind”, “Mukta” means “free”, “Asana” means “Yoga”. That is, Wind-Relieving pose. It belongs to the ancient Indian Yoga tradition. It is a widely practiced simple Yoga Asana used to free you from wind and gas as well as various other derivative dangerous consequences from gas such as heart attack, headache, BP, indigestion and others.


How to do Pavanmuktasana? 


Step by Step Instructions of Pavanmuktasana

  • It is one of the simplest Yoga positions with many good benefits.

  • Lie down straight on your bed looking on the ceiling with hands-on respective sides as in Shavasana.

  • Now bend the right leg at the knee and gradually press the thigh on the right chest with the pressure of both hands.

  • While raising the leg up to the chest gradually exhale, thereafter inhale and held up, stay in this position for 10 seconds.

  • Then gradually bring down the right leg in a normal position.

  • Follow the same process for the left leg.

  • This makes one set complete.

  • In this way, do these 4 to 5 times in one go.

  • If you like and you are able, you can practice Yoga with both legs at a time.

  • Doing with both legs is much more effective in releasing bad gas from the body.


Benefits of Pavanmuktasana


Anatomical Focus and Disease Control

  • Even if it appears simple, this Asana removes poisonous gas from the belly and helps cure Indigestion.

  • It also cures your acidity and flatulence.

  • This is why it is also called wind/gas release pose.

  • It also eliminates accumulated belly fat.

  • Additionally, it helps invigorate the abdominal muscles and nerves, setting the gastric glands there.

  • It helps you remove Constipation.


Benefits for Girls and Woman

  • This Asana helps you remove your abdominal and belly fat by releasing poisonous gas from the abdomen.

  • It cures your Indigestion as a result of which your waist size will be athletic and fatless.

  • It makes you free from acidity and flatulence. Consequentially, your accumulated belly fat and size of abdomen get reduced. So, you look younger.

  • Additionally, it helps invigorate the abdominal muscles and nerves, setting the gastric glands there.

  • It helps you remove Constipation.



  • You should invariably do this Yoga in an empty stomach.

  • Girls and women must not do Pavanmuktasana during the menstrual period. It will increase your pain and distort the monthly cycle.


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