Role of Sex in Human Society

By : Emma Laurence | : 01 September, 2020
Role of Sex in Human Society

Role of Sex in Human Society


Human Cruelty

In the natural environment, there are such weird phenomena such as an animal engages in a sexual act with a dead animal; it is called Necrophilia. It is observed in mammals, reptiles, frogs, birds etc. As far as media reports go, in many countries, humans gang-rape female dead bodies. It’s the cruelest sadist behavior by humans.

Humans are bizarre animals. They do all kinds of sex as found among animals and use sex as a business. Sex is more than just an act, a goal, or a biological pattern among humans. It’s a central part of our lives. We write about sex, we think about sex, we organize national and international conferences about sex, discuss sex, have prohibitions about sex. We humans have laws, ideologies, and disguise about sex. The nastiest part of the human world is that we have created sex movies for the market. We pay for sex, and we use sex as a tool, a weapon, and a healing practice. Specialized beautiful girls are trained for spying through the sex trap. Humans are absolutely perverted regarding sex. Big breasts, butts, hairless bodies, smooth skins, thin waist, swollen pussy of females, and big male penis and muscular body have become more demanding in the 21st century — humans are weird animals. Men, unlike most other mammals, have a penis that lacks a bone to assist in an erection. Interestingly, human penis erection and enlargement are complicated blood hydraulic processes for sexual enjoyment. If the penis does not get erected, the female partner will be frustrated and further problems begin in human life. Animals, in general, have natural mating seasons depending on Nature. But humans enjoy sense pleasure throughout the year and the whole day and night. The most shameless feature among humans is that unlike all other animals, humans use artificial fragrance to attract the opposite sex. This is not limited to females alone; many men also use such perfume. The tragedy is that it neutralizes the natural scent of pheromone hormone or testosterone which naturally distinguishes gender differences. For love, romance, sex, pheromone- a secreted or excreted chemical- instigates the opposite-sex partner.

Exceptional Sex Behaviors

Some animals kill each other after sex such as octopuses, wolf spiders, mantises etc. One rare sexual event in Nature is this: Male brown antechinus mates with a large number of females for 14 hours at a time. Male echidnas have a peculiar system of the four-headed penis; during sex, they alternate between spent pairs as each propels their semen. Interestingly, the sex effort usually crashes his immune system, and as a result, he dies during sex drive. Again, when honey bees mate, the drone's reproductive organs get ripped off, and his testicles explode; it dies after mating. But nothing is more bizarre than barnacle's sex. That little crustacean has relatively the longest penis of any animal on earth spanning up to 10 times his body size. That's like a standard human penis reaching the length of a cricket bowling pitch of 66 ft. Barnacle needs it because he cannot move around very easily. So, he casts out his giant penis to find a mate. It waves about in the current, reaching to touch, and fertilize, the female organs around his circle.


The term zoophilia was introduced into the field of research on sexuality in Psychopathia Sexualis in 1886 by Krafft-Ebing. Every scientific term has its origin in history such as the term zoophilia is derived from two nouns in Greek. In general, the term zoophilia may refer to sexual activity between humans and other animals. This indicates a definite preference for non-human animals over humans as sexual partners. It’s another aberration of sensual desire by humans. It is also termed as “bestiality” and “zoo-sadism”. Many artists, some in Japan, have painted unusual pieces of sexual acts between females and other animals. In richer families, it is told, females satiate sexual desires with pet dogs and other animals. Researches in the USA show that sometimes females affectionately attached with pet animals do enjoy such acts. In India’s temples, there are sculptures that clearly show men enjoying sexual acts with female animals.


Students are the future hope of humankind. They should first be guided and then they will guide future generations about misconceptions of sex, love and marriage. There is no doubt that sex is one of the sources of inspiration in life. So, please do not worry about it. Just keep in mind, following Bertrand Russell, that sex without love is beastly and prostitution, on the other hand, sex with love and romance is Heavenly. And marriage is a bond through sex which produces future hope of the world- that is, children. Moreover, sexual intercourse without the consent of the partner is “Rape”, and with consent, it is love romance and life. Therefore, enjoy and let people enjoy it too.

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