Social Media and Digital Friendship: How it affects you ?

By : Dr. Buddhadeb Ghosh | : 27 August, 2020
Social Media and Digital Friendship: How it affects you ?

Social Media and Digital Friendship: How it affects you?

Old World vs New World

Till the 19th century, people in every society used to send letters through postal departments to relatives and friends who used to live far away, whether within the country or outside. Postcard, Inland Letter, Aerogramme are foreign words to the current generation. People used to meet and gossip with those friends and relatives who lived nearby. At the core of it, there were collective feelings and sharing of sadness and joy. People’s hearts were pure, minds free. People used to cry for sorrows, smile for bliss. Collective feelings and sharing reduced grief and increased joy manifolds. Friendship was pure, connectivity was solid.  The pervasive spread and use of Social Media have entirely shattered this old-world peace. So, at the end of the day, loneliness grasps people with darkness. Only politicians gain because of your absence from society.

How Internet is misused?

“Who are the easy victims of Social Media, Sir,” a student of mine from Ghana put this question before me. I asked her whether their children are also engaged in Social Media from morning to midnight. She replied yes, and it’s true in every country in Africa. My Myanmar (South East Asian) students also expressed heavy anxiety regarding their young generation, both boys and girls. My Chinese friends are also of the same opinion. This suggests that young students from school days are habituated to the new drug combo called the Internet and Social Media. As a result, their study time has diminished proportionately, and they are getting accustomed to millions of energy-wasting sites. Of course, Internet gives you enormous possibilities, if you can utilize it.

How Internet is changing friendship?

It is an accepted fact that people now claim success by having thousands of Social Media friends. They do not know that there is a maximum limit of real friendship for each individual. Many of such friends are actually “virtual”, “fake” without having any real identity, honesty and truthfulness. This set of friendship goes on changing if you do not “like” her or his posts. There are many examples of virtual enmity with those who disagree with you on some issues. These all are as if simulated, of no practical consequence, only wasting your time and energy. As we have surveyed among school and college students, brilliant students are much less infected by this new Social Media virus- more dangerous than Coronavirus.

Benefits of Online Friendship

Of course, for serious people, Internet and online friendship with known identity can be of great help in terms of study materials, learning methodology, knowledge, job information, tourist guidance and collective sharing of positive ideas for a better life. It’s a choice of yours, why and how you want to use Internet and Social Media. It’s your priority what you want to do, want to be. People with higher intelligence and defined aim of life are able to utilize the Media to help them reach their destination. People in mediocre society are easy victims of the negative aspects of Social Media as well as Internet.

Online Friendship Facts

All of us have now come to know that online friendship (as opposed to a direct person to person friendship) does not assure the “real identity” of the friends, girls or boys. In many situations, boys become emotionally and passionately attached to the girls by photo looks and chatting issues; the same problems happen to girls who become sentimentally attached to the boys. The lower age of these participants emotionally instigates them to share naked photos and hot live videos, which get recorded in the other end. When the sharing is finished, the girls in many situations fall into extremely dangerous social and legal traps. Media reports abound in developing countries, where the girls are blackmailed repeatedly by the boys. The result is obvious: many girls commit suicide in order to avoid the humiliation and harassment before parents, school and society. This is the most dangerous fallout of online friendship. Beware of this trap to fulfill your aims in life. Since you are a serious person, dodge such temporary sense pleasures, which does not have any lasting benefit to you and your family.

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Physical Activities

The whole day the youth in most countries are engaged in all “Likes” and amateur comments without any net gain, and no play and no exercise. This is making an absolutely “lonely generation”, physically unfit, mentally unstable, unwise and unskilled. These people spend the whole night for chatting, cannot get up early, become a drowsy the whole day in school and college. You have born with special qualities by Almighty Nature’s grace through your parents. Educate yourself as per your qualities, help parents and sisters, then make your own family, be independent. Enjoy lavishly the beauties of life: education, hobbies, excursion, traveling, angling, gardening, Yoga & Meditation. You may even engage in positive romance with your partner, love her or him madly, create your own world when you become an adult. That is life. You are ahead of your generation. Keep in mind, time wasted in youth is exactly similar to committing suicide. Of course, you may spend a fraction of your time in Social Media but without much attachment in a cloudy world.

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