Stay close with your family and make a happy life

By : Anwesha Bose | : 19 August, 2020
Stay close with your family and make a happy life

Stay close with your family and make a happy life

 Family is the ultimate smallest unit of human society. Laws, ownership rights, governmental and institutional credentials are all based on family or household. It is your ultimate trust below the moon. The idea of family has evolved over thousands of years. So, Stay Close with Family. Charity begins at home.

Types of Family Structures

 A family is a social group of people staying together under the same roof in a society. There are parents, grandparents and children in a family. They are bound by blood or by birth. Each of them is called a family member. A family holds a special place in the life of each individual member of the family, or household. A family is an important unit of society and the strongest one. It is the oldest institutional bond bound through intergenerational transmission of trust. In fact, “marriage” is the oldest institution of human society, unlike the “animal kingdom”.

 A family is the first school where every child receives the basic values of life, learns good manners. They make our character; lay the foundation of our thinking and socialization. Families differ in terms of economic, cultural, social and many other factors but they have one thing in common that is, each and every person in the family is important to each other in both good and bad times.

 The 21st century shows a variety of family units. Some of them are very different from the 1940s or 1950s or 1960s. Nowadays children are also raised in single-parent homes, even by homosexual parents, or in boarding school. Some families even decide not to take children or cannot have children due to some medical issues. Some people in the 21st century consider their friends to be even closer than family. People who have lost close family members may create a family of friends with similar interests, goals and wavelengths.

 Rather than simply defining family by a definition from a dictionary, one should define a family by one's own standards. We can have several families in our lifetime. Family is what we make it. Whether made of blood, friends, pets or a combination of all these, the family can offer the support we need. Family means to share, care, tolerance in sorrow and happiness. It is the smallest unit of human society.

 Families are legally bound through marriages, adoptions, guardianships with duties, rights and obligations too. Individuals who are related through a common bond are part of a family. Siblings, distant relatives, uncle, aunty, nieces, nephews, cousins all are included in the family.

 There are different types of families and each of them is equally caring and supportive. In nuclear families, parents and their children live in the same residence and share the closest bonds. Whereas extended family includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc. They all line together and share daily household duties. They are also called joint families. Complex families have three or more adults and their children. They are generally formed through divorce and remarriage or polygamy in some societies. Single parent family includes only one parent and their children. It could be a result of the divorce death of one parent or even a single parent adoption. When adults have divorced and married again and brought those children from other unions together, then the family form is called stepfamily. They are also called blended families as they blend two or more different families. Family unit defined in the sense that father working outside to support the family financially and mother remains home for domestic duties and child-rearing is often called traditional family. Adopted family shares legal bonds instead of genetic. Two parents adopt a child, who has no blood relationship with them. A Foster family includes one or more parent who serves as a temporary Guardian for children. They may or may not be biologically related. There can also be a childless family. Here couples may decide not to have children or cannot have due to some medical reasons. They sometimes include pets that are viewed as family members. This is very common in more advanced societies like in the USA, Japan etc.
A true family provides emotional and spiritual kinship through believes, traditions, shared values, common experiences and activities and non-judgemental support. The great proverb “Charity begins at home” came from the virtues of family ties.

Why stay close with family?

 The time spent by teenagers with family is important. In today's generation, kids don't spend much time with family as in the old world. As one gets older, it's even harder to find time for everyone to get together with family. Family time is important for members to remain happy and secured. It also helps create an environment where kids and parents can trust and depend on each other.

 Family is the only entity we can rely on in our tough situations of life. They give the advice to get out of bad situations. They give us a sense of security. We all are lucky enough to have our own family. Showing some care can strengthen family relationships. Doing some work around the house takes the weight of our parents’ shoulders and allows them to concentrate on more important things. Family is a support system. It is important to communicate with the family to understand them. Family can help us to become stress-free in tough times.
It is good and helpful to stay close with family but it is not always possible to stay with the family in the 21st century’s market-based competitive capitalism, socialism and democracy. Since the family is a comfort zone for everyone but not everyone becomes able to stay with his or her family through their entire life. Many people go to other states, countries for different purposes. Some go to study further and some for their jobs. Some people go, settle themselves there and then take their family shifted to the place to stay close to the family.

 Help from family members can take many different forms; they make us feel better by sharing happy moments together. They make us feel good about ourselves, validating when we are doing well, helping out when we are not doing as well. We feel accepted by being ourselves in the family. We get financial support and care packages from home. “Home sweet home” was perhaps produced out of a sense of belonging to a family.
 The first type of love that we all experience in life is family and love. Our parents and siblings are the first people who love unconditionally and show us support. It improves the quality of our life. Our family loves us no matter whether we are rich or poor. We might make mistakes, do embarrassing things and go bad in life and feel like no one loves us but our family is going to be there for us. Family is always easy to relate to. Even if we consider ourselves to be introverted, we will be able to talk to the family members.
 Familial bonds that are formed are very strong. Some families have disputes over certain things that seem unresolvable. But the strength of familial bonds has the potential to heal these rifts.

 There are also people who have bad families who are not supportive. It is unfortunate when people don't have family love in their lives. Not being able to rely on the people who helped us raise can make us feel lonely sometimes. But it's always possible to form our own family. We can always start a new family with others and try to ensure that it is a healthy type of family that we always wished for. Family is not necessarily about having a blood connection with someone. We can form strong bonds with others and feel a sense of love from them. In today’s majority, people believe that close ties with the mind and soul make a better family under any situation. There is no doubt that marriage and morals are intrinsically linked, it is called consanguinity. As we become aged, we understand that even if there is none by your side, family members must be.

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