Vegan Keto Diet and Yoga | Trending weight loss program

By : Paulami Ghosh | : 20 October, 2020
Vegan Keto Diet and Yoga | Trending weight loss program

Vegan Keto Diet and Yoga – Trending weight loss program


Covid-19 and Radical Change in LifeStyle

Recorded history has never seen such dreadful helplessness of only one species on Mother Earth, the human beings, out of an estimated total of 8.7 million species. A significant proportion of about 7.8 billion people spreading across all continents are locked down at home for more than seven months. The largest majority are spending nights and days in utter horror; both poor and rich are feeling content to have only two ordinary meals now; outdoor entertainment is an altogether extravagance now.

All forms of outside human works have stopped all of a sudden: agricultural, industrial and service sectors particularly recreational and sports. The world has never seen such equality beyond the textbook of the dismal science. What is more uncharacteristic, people in so-called developed and rich countries are spending sleepless nights in an awfully despondent situation: whose turn is tomorrow!

Total infected people (40,008,622) along with those who have died (1,115,236) are all nice citizens of the world, suffered for no fault of their own. All 212 Countries and Territories around the world are suffering from Coronavirus, COVID-19 that was detected in Wuhan, China as early as in December 2019. Whatever may be the source, Coronavirus Pandemic has caused unprecedented havoc for human beings


Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Society

Everybody is frightened. Nobody is visiting friends and relatives. All have been accustomed to live a life in isolation. The source of fear of the unfortunate humans is from virus particles called Coronavirus, which cannot be seen by ordinary Microscope. Viruses such as Corona can be visualized only by the highest resolution electron microscope. Human arrogance is shattered by such a microscopic virus: the egoism of reaching the Moon, or Mars, the superiority of developing weapons of mass destruction, the pride of possession of wealth in a private or public capacity, the haughtiness of power by political means, the arrogance of being celebrity either by birth or by practice. Coronavirus has also proved that organized religion is absolutely unnecessary, harmful and redundant: there is no special favor by Corona. Poor despicable Coronavirus has enormously increased ‘domestic violence’ under complete lockdown. But above anything else, Corona has enormously helped regenerate Mother Nature in just seven months. 

Current research shows that Coronavirus is extremely infectious, but is having only a fraction of the power of most previous pandemic diseases. It is reported everywhere that people with high immunity can defeat Coronavirus. Under such a global pandemic, WHO and other multilateral organizations should explore further to redefine the issues relating to health and hygiene, immunity, material well-being, mental happiness and Yoga and meditation.

There are many caveats regarding country-wise infection and death due to Coronavirus. The largest festival on earth, Olympic, is canceled, the first time since the Second World War. Schools, colleges, universities, factories, offices, markets, entertainment centers, flights, trains and buses have stopped; fortunately, the internet, Google, FB and WA have been facilitating leisure in lockdown. At least three billion people working in the informal sector along with migrant workers have become workless. Millions have lost their jobs in the organized sector. International and national mobility which is the definition of success in the 21st century has totally stopped. Tourism which holds the largest share of transactions and employment for many countries has become a nightmare now. The face mask has become mandatory. The ancient Indian Sage Sushruta (7th or 6th century BCE), “Father of Indian Medicine” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” introduced the practice of quarantine (isolation) for curing infectious diseases. Nobody ever cared for the Jain habit of using face mask following its founder, Mahavira Jain, way back in about 500 BC. Like Gautam Buddha, he was also a proponent of Non-Violence (Ahimsa) and vegan food. The Jain followers still use face masks even in today’s India. Nobody subscribed to “Non-Violence.”


Low-Calorie Vegan Diet

The main idea behind the Low-calorie keto vegan diet is the intake of fewer carbohydrates; fat intake becomes the main source of energy supply for bodily functions. This also helps you to consume stored-up fat which enables you to reduce the stored up adipose tissue, that is, body fat. It is a very simple but good idea. So, in order for your body to exploit stored up fat, you should create a calorie deficit through less intake compared to normal time, for example, before the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Why are medical experts suggesting this under lockdown?

As we all know, most human activities have stopped. The mobility of humans has come down to the minimum- both national and international. Outdoor sports and gym have also stopped. The result is dangerous: normal ways of calorie consumption have stopped. The consequence is that the average weight has been rising fast. This has dangerous implications for human health. Body mass balance is getting complicated. This suggests a two-pronged strategy. The first is that you must change your food habits. Increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts. Decrease the use of meat, egg and fried foods. The second is more important. While you are in lockdown, you must be accustomed to Yoga practices which burn the body fat and improve the smooth functioning of your Lungs, Heart, Liver, Brain and Kidney. There are many ways to Remain happy during Coronavirus Lockdown.


Vegan Keto Meal Composition

There are many easy choices. You should pick up the combination depending upon the following six crucial factors.

  1. Your location.

  2. Your family composition.

  3. Your occupation, i.e., brain work vs physical work.

  4. Age composition of your family members.

  5. Your monthly budget.

  6. Health condition of your family members.

First, vegan fats are easily available and cheap in coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, butter, avocado oil, various nuts, and cheese.

Second, there are lots of high health benefit non-starch polysaccharide vegetables such as onion, garlic, leafy greens, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, green chili. These have immense health benefits if you continue to eat throughout the year.

Third, among fruits, all are important and complementary. Still, you can choose guavas, apples, lemons, oranges, musuambi (sweet lemon), banana, pomegranate, dates, berries and many more. There is no need to eat all these every day. Make a broad-spectrum plan, at least some fruits every day for all members of your family, particularly children and aged members.

If you eat these and continue to spend only 15 to 20 minutes on selective Yoga for increasing your immunity, no virus, no germ, no bacteria can beat your family members. Enjoy family and friends. Keep in mind that Covid-19 attacks the Lungs and respiratory system more than any other organ; and if someone has co-morbidity, Coronavirus gets the driver’s seat. Maximize your happiness and remain productive during Coronavirus Lockdown.


Image Source: Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

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