Your Life and Happiness Depend on Nature

By : Tirna Mahajan | : 29 August, 2020
Your Life and Happiness Depend on Nature

Your Life and Happiness Depend on Nature


How can we define the beauty of Nature?

I would like to start this article with a beautiful short story which will definitely change the way of thinking of so many people. A few days ago, I saw a video on social media, which drew the attention of several people. In that video, a group of elder dwellers were asked to paint something and they were given so many colours. So, they used all the colours to paint things they like, when they were done with their painting, they were asked to leave that room for one hour. After that a group of children entered into that room and they were asked to do the same thing. But no colours were left for them except black and white. So, they painted pictures using those two colours only. After they finished their works, two groups were merged to see paintings of each other. The melancholic and excruciating views lead the way of desolation to elder dwellers. I was totally amazed and mesmerized by watching this kind of creativity. The video makers tried to deliver a small message through this video to the world that if we destroy the beauty of nature at this amount, then nothing will remain for our future generations. The beauty of nature can’t be defined with words, we need to feel the delicacy, grace. Charm and fertility of nature from the bottom of our heart. Only black and white will be left at the end of the day.

"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience."- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Why you should protect Mother Nature?

To maintain the existence of mankind, we must be more careful about our behaviour to Mother Nature. We need to treat nature with proper kindness. Instead of destroying trees, we should try to increase awareness among humans by arranging campaign on Tree plantation. You must teach your children that we can live for a year without drinking water, but we can not survive beyond 45 seconds without Oxygen. And this Oxygen is supplied by trees and plants free of cost by Mother Nature. Amazingly graceful Almighty Nature has created these trees and plants for us animals. We need to take the responsibility to save our Mother Nature and most importantly to save our existence. The one thing that should be kept in mind that unlike superhero movies nobody is going to be the saviour when the end of the world will be near, we need to understand the difference between real and reel world. In the real world, we are the only superheroes who can save our world by protecting our Mother Nature.

So how do human actions pose a threat to nature?

Of all life forms that we know of so far, mankind is known to have the greatest intelligence of all. However, intelligence provokes creativity, and sometimes, innovation provokes greed; while the former leads to creations, the latter leads to financial lust; which one way or another, impacts the environment in a negative way. From a paper manufacturing industry that chops of thousands of trees, to a promoter who needs to clear off hundreds of acres of land for a shopping complex; ultimately, it’s the nature who takes the final blow. Also, I think most people fail to understand that though a very limited number of resources are considered as a renewable resource, but exploitation of nature shall hinder their rejuvenating speed as well, because in the vast network of the ecosystem, nature is the central piece of the intricate system. And the central driver of life on earth. Not only the life of your children bust also your happiness solely depend on a balanced ecosystem.

What can be done to minimise the damage and maximize the replenishment of nature?

At last, gradually mankind is acknowledging the threat they are posing to the entire world with the destruction of nature; for example, global warming, melting of the ice cap are just the tip of the iceberg. Awareness camps and new initiatives are being taken to plant saplings and restore balance on Earth, the Forestry Day is celebrated in many places and has gained worldwide recognition for its feats. But nothing positive is done to increase nature. With a genuine responsibility and concern for the soil that we are born into, I believe one day we shall be able to stop harming our mother and protect her with the very arms of mankind that once nearly destroyed it, that will be the best redemption arc created in the history of existence.

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